1. pmbug

    Sri Lanka imposes 5 day bank holiday They are having to take extreme measures to comply with debt restructuring terms from an IMF loan/bailout.
  2. Penn

    Panama has bank holiday!
  3. S

    Bank runs, bank holiday & 10pct bailout tax on deposits in Cyprus

    The EU finance ministers decided yesterday that all depositors at Cyprian banks will have to pay for the bailout of the government, regardless of whether their bank is in trouble or not. Collectivism at it's best. It's also gonna hit local and smaller depositors more heavily, because smart money...
  4. K

    Breaking News: Banking Contagion

    Germany's largest bank is now experiencing similar symptoms to Scotland, Ireland, and Russia. Thanks SilverDoctors:
  5. pmbug

    Undeclared UK bank holiday?

  6. vox

    Italian Bank declares a "Holiday"?

    Rut-Row... Translation follows:
  7. D

    bank holiday

    It seems that bank holidays will be likely in our future, so I thought it would be worth while to discuss them. If they do occur, are they generally called for by the government, or do the banks themselves decide to be closed to avoid a run? How long could we expect a "typical" bank closure to...
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