1. pmbug

    Credit Suisse gold bars attracting numismatic premiums? Not sure how much premium collectors will attach to this, but I suppose if the CS failure leads to more dominoes falling, they could become sought after memorabilia.
  2. J

    Check your 2021 P Nickels

    Rotated die error on 2021 P's. Lookin' through a few I have and see several 2021 D's, but no P's.
  3. Pyramid

    Looking to Add 1/4 oz gold? My Recommendations

    If you are looking to add fractional gold in the 1/4 oz range, here are my current recommendations: 1. 2023 Lunar Rabbit. I believe these will be available for (pre)order next Monday, the 17th. Very good potential premium appreciation IMO. 2. 2022 Great Britain Sovereign. 70th anniversary...
  4. A

    CCE thoughts

    I know a guy that buys/sells on CCE and swears by it. I was thinking about doing some buying from him through CCE. Is that a good idea?
  5. C

    Coins with a "privy"

    I pretty much buy silver for the metal content, not for neumismatic value. But I'd be lying if I said I don't favor a good-looking coin/round. Having said that, what are your thoughts on coins with a "privy"? I think privies are kind of stupid, and essentially a way to try to boost the sale...
  6. J

    Silver Toning

    Hey all - Just bought some JM 100oz poured bars. They look much different than other stuff I have bought. The silver appears to be "toned," with the sides and bottoms of the bar having an almost black appearance. It looks cool, but will it affect the value if I decide to resell them at some...
  7. E

    Am I wasting my money buying low mintage coins

    I'm just starting to buy silver and gold but I started by buying low mintage(7500 & 10000) canadian mint silver coins and one low mintage(2000) gold coin. The silver coins are a Sugar Maple Crystal Rain Drop which weighs 31.39g for a $120 and a Robert Bateman Moose same weight for $95. The gold...
  8. pmbug

    South African Reserve Bank admits Mint made under-spec proof Krugerrands :paperbag:
  9. R

    My ASE's, Maples, Bars etc...

    They always drop like rocks when the spot price drops. My Perth and RCM Wildlife coins however don't seem to budge, and actually go up in price despite spot price movements. I think I will stick to limited mint coins - despite the higher premiums they just seem to be the best investments. I...
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