1. SongSungAu

    Not your typical Dr. Robert Malone post

    Not your usual Dr. Robert Malone post. If you get a popup asking for your email address, you can just click the "Let me read it first" and the popup will go away. Be Prepared, Not Scared After the article, lots of interesting reader...
  2. <SLV>

    Nuclear radiation medications

    The government is stocking up. Any advice on: What can be acquired without a prescription? How much to keep on hand per person? How, when, ans how much to dose?
  3. searcher

    Free Survival PDFs, Manuals, and Downloads (2022 Update)

    A lot of this has been around for a while. Most of the links work......some may not. 667 Free Survival PDFs, Manuals and Downloads [Updated 2022 ] (
  4. <SLV>


    I have attached a document with FerFal's posts.
  5. F

    Coin vs Bullion in a TSHTF Scenario

    IF the balloon goes up and civilization comes tumbling down, which do think would be better to have? Coin or Bullion.
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