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  1. searcher

    Global Battery Alliance Launches World’s First Battery Passport Proof of Concept

    Was going to post this in the commodities thread then figured - nah, needs it;s own thread. Global Battery Alliance Launches World’s First Battery Passport Proof of Concept The Global Battery Alliance (“GBA”), the world’s largest multi-stakeholder organisation to establish a sustainable battery...
  2. U

    Bullion For Sale - Rare Earth Metals

    Hi everyone, I'm a new member and did not see a classifieds area. I have some rarer metals for sale - rhenium ingots, just over 1 TO each and iridium sponge. What is the best way to market these? Any good ideas? I already have an Ebay posting and Craigslist ad. What else should I be doing?
  3. J

    Unobtanium (rare earth metals)

    snip: It is a source upon which the Western world has become dependent. In 2008, China supplied 139,000 tons worldwide, 97 per cent of the world's total rare-earth production. snip: China's decision to cut export quotas has already set alarm bells ringing. The United States imports all its...
  4. DoChenRollingBearing

    NEW rare earth metal article

    The below link takes you to a very interesting new interview for those interested in the rare earth metal sector: http://www.theaureport.com/pub/na/13530
  5. DoChenRollingBearing

    Rare Earth Metals

    While not exactly PMs, some of them are pretty close (Europium is priced in the $thousands per kg). These are critical metals for many high technology applications, and, alas, China produces some 95% of them. And restricting export, much to the alarm of the Defense Department and car...
  6. D

    Alaska's billion dollar mountain

    If a company is exploring in Alaska, their chances of hitting something is huge. The market is valuing most of these miners BELOW CASH. Even when they have proven resources and have cashed in substantial alluvial deposits...
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