1. pmbug

    Sprott's spat with the WGC

    I found this interesting: More (long): http://www.sprott.com/markets-at-a-glance/open-letter-to-the-world-gold-council/ The WGC responded with some weak sauce (the comments to the article are entertaining)...
  2. pmbug

    Sprott: Do Western Central Banks Have Any Gold Left??? Part II

    More: http://sprottglobal.com/markets-at-a-glance/maag-article/?id=7497 Highly recommended to read the full article.
  3. D

    Sprott put a bid in..

  4. pmbug

    Sprott's call for silver miners to re-invest in silver a ploy to force physical supply shortages

    More: http://www.mineweb.com/mineweb/view/mineweb/en/page32?oid=141088&sn=Detail&pid=110649 Sprott wants to break the paper markets and set silver free. :silver:
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