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    I've talked about stablecoins in many threads around here - mostly mentioning how they are different beasts from decentralized crypto platforms. I never really expounded on that though. The folks at Ledger published a fairly comprehensive look at one of the most popular (widely held/used)...
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    Crypto did not cause Signature, Silvergate and SVB collapses From the report: That's just fractional reserve banking at it's finest.
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    Pimping aint easy (SocGen stablecoin stumbles) System design failure.
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    Hedging fiat inflation with stablecoins

    Zimbabwe faced a challenge of hyperinflation in their fiat currency and decided to embrace the US Dollar and Gold coins. Details on their efforts can be found here: Other countries that are fighting inflation in their...
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    Stablecoin implosion could be a black swan for US Treasuries
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