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    Silver Storage

    First time post, so here we go! When I first got into precious metals, I picked silver for my first purchases. As the collection grew, storage becomes an issue. The traditional idea of storing it in a safe deposit box only works for a while. Your standard 3x5 box only holds ~300 ounces. For...
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    Tax refund: Should i...

    buy a safe to buy and store pm's....or should i buy more pms and just have a great hiding spot?
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    Good quality safe for gold and silver storage

    Any good quality safe is designed to be bolted to the floor. A heavy, fireproof safe bolted to the concrete floor in your basement is about as good as you can do (for those who have basements). I can't speak from experience, but from looking at safes I think that and...
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    bullion vault

    looking into some online ways to invest in pms without the negatives associated w the gld or slv of the world. anyone ever use bullion vault? i learned about it through a podcast w chris martenson. trying to find easier way to own silver. the sprott physical trust trades at a huge premium right...
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    Gold ETF's - IAU etc

    I am new here. Thank you for providing this resource. I travel quite often as a result it is very difficult for me to hold physical gold. I have been researching other options. All have some pros and cons. ETF's seem appealing for their liquidity and ease of use. I have read that this GLD has...
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