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buy a safe to buy and store pm's....or should i buy more pms and just have a great hiding spot?
There's no way anyone can really give you a good answer on that. The best would be to have a safe in a great hiding spot (in the floor, wall, etc.).
I have a good quality gun safe for my rifles and ammo. I keep some PMs there and some ... elsewhere.
More PM's. a shovel, a piece of four inch PVC about three and a half feet long, 2 threaded couplings and two screw in caps, a roll of teflon tape and small tube of RTV.

Fuck a safe, just put your bling in the tube and bury it.
a good gun safe isnt a bad idea, as i have a few items to put in one, and have thought about getting one of those in the past.

As for hiding, i have a few spots that would be a decent location inside walls and floors to cut the drywall away and tuck pms inside.

The burying is a good idea. My wife would wonder wtf i was doing it for lol. And, i'd probably forget where i buried it.
Send me your address and I'll do a free consultation on where to hide your gold and silver.. ;)
There are a lot of guns around where I live, and one of the few crimes is people trying to steal them. A good gun safe is a nice thing for any but the most determined and well-equipped thief (eg, the government). No one has ever gotten away with it here in Floyd, and a couple have been killed or maimed trying. When they find they can't crack the safe, they try to move it. One guy lost an arm when a safe fell on it...They found the arm under it later.

Keeping all of anything in one place if you don't need to is a bad idea in general - single point of failure and all that.
I kind of half meant my previous post to be a sarcastic response and half meant it to be serious. If one were to have a robbery, and you were at home, the robber would probably force you to open the safe if he had the drop on you and you could not get to a gun. However, if the silver were in a buried stash the robber didn't know about, you would lose whatever was in the house, but not the PM's. All in all, I am a bit conflicted about having my gun safe, because it's extremely difficult to keep that a secret. My neighbors saw me unloading the damn thing off of my truck and wrestling it in to the house when I got it, so there is one family with knowledge that I at least have something that warrants a seven hundred and sixty dollar metal box to keep it in. I really don't know, at least from a security standpoint what is the best. Some will say a hidden partition with a narrow "room" within which you hide your guns, silver, ammo, food stash etc, but many of us do not have that option.

The Boss and I are looking for a new place that is more isolated and has better topo for OPSEC, but so far, everything that meets all of my conditions for occupancy have been out of our league, which means over 225K. We'll keep looking though, but I will not buy a house on credit ever again, because the money I can save by simply self insuring is worth the wait. I pay over 1900 in insurance and have claimed no more than six large in the twelve years we have been here, despite hurricanes Francis, Jeanne and Charley rambling through.

The short answer is: Get a safe.
A safe can be a great misdirection - think the "purloined letter" for example. So you keep some crap in the safe - not much, but some. You get forced to open it, weep when it's taken, and they never look in the third drawer of the junkbox in the basement where the real stash is. Almost as good as a boating accident. If a bad guy doesn't know how much you have, it'll work.

DEA profiling once mistook me for a meth lab, and my house was professionally and thoroughly searched by them. I learned quite a lot that day...about where they did and didn't look, and how hard.
"Almost as good as a boating accident."



A French Champagne producer is spreading the wealth with his workers after they discovered nearly $1 million in gold coins stashed away in the building's rafters, according to Agence France Press (AFP).

"One of the workers (was) attacking the building's ceiling with a crowbar when gold coins started to rain down on him, followed by sacks of gold," Francois Lange, head of Alexandre Bonnet in Les Riceys France, told AFP.

It's not unusual to hear about treasure hunters combing the ocean's depth for gold and other precious metals lost at sea, but finding $1 million in your office attic is quite a steal. And a valuable one too, given that demand for gold has reached new heights recently. In 2011, just an ounce of gold was valued at $1,920.30.

In all, 497 gold coins were unearthed, with the majority literally raining down upon the workers who were busy renovating the building. Minted between 1851 and 1928, the coins have a face value marking of $20 each. However, together they are now worth an estimated $980,000, according to AFP.
Without mentioning this site, I asked a couple of like minded friends what they thought and got a unanimous answer: Get the safe.
I like most of the above replies re storing gold. Our gold is stashed in 6 places (broadest definition of our family's gold). Some of it is very hard to get at for a stranger...

I like the idea of a safe. Not necessarily a gun safe tough. I have some gold in a safe, but like DCFusor points out, they could haul that off and I still have the bulk of my gold hidden elsewhere.

And, yes, my family knows how to get it all.

Hide the gold well in different places. Re digging a hole and burying it, yes do be careful. (Also, bury some other metals as decoys, the metal detectors are getting better...) When I was young and lived in Texas, I buried almost two ounces on my property in Goliad County. Just before I sold the property, I went down there to dig it up. My map (based on triangulation, this was years before GPS) was obsolete, as the trees had changed... Oops! Lost Buried Treasure, bitchez!
Yes, do be careful when burying stuff. I read somewhere that you can actually bury pieces of metal that form an arrow when marked out on a map. You would have to know what you are looking for to find it. Another thing iw that if you have pretty fail-safe landmarks, to bury your PVC pipe, then put a layer of sand over it, then pour a couple of bags of concrete on top of that. To be sure you will be able to break through the concrete, add ten pounds of salt to each sack when mixing and use excess water. That way, you get density but not hardness, yet you still defeat metal detectors.
To defeat a 'plug' of concrete even my simple engineering background would simply dig around it and pop it like a cork, but I do like the concept. What they don't know, etc.
The plug of concrete would serve only as a deterrent to metal detection, not the instruments used by underground utility locator's. Those guys use mapping, ground penetrating radar to do their thing. I watch them all the time out at the Space Center, and it is amazing to see the maps they produce. They are accurate to a quarter inch, GPS guided and they can identify nearly any utility by virtue of size and density. For instance, a sewer line will return a different profile than a water line, because one is empty and one is full. If GovCo decided to search yards based upon a see something say something "tip", they would likely use this method to locate any stashes. In that event, unless they simply write the echo off as a rock, you're good. If they decide to investigate, you're fucked. Perhaps one could place a broken off four by four in the center, so if it is dug up, it merely looks like an abandoned fence post.
Just reading this thread now.
Buy a safe.
But don't put everything in it.
Depending on how much you have, store it in more than one spot.
Go to a casino and put it all on black!!!!! LOL If you win you can do both no problem.
dont waste your paper on a safe

buy a digger

much better way to hide yer nuggets ...... and so much more

just bury it 6m deep in the centre of a full 6 cu m load of reinforced concrete

it'll be fine (-:
What kind of equipment do you have?

We have two Cat 330's, 1, Zaxis 460 with an 85' reach and a 5,000 # shear and option to put many other tools on instead, such as a processer. We have a hammer for the 330 but it's currently fucked, and needs about six grand in repairs. Those things are so damn expensive to keep operational that we frequently lease them for longer term jobs, apron removal, or large slab reduction jobs. We also have 1-Cat 321 zero swing with a grapple, ripper bucket, sand bucket, reinforced gravel bucket for demolition, processor and thumb. We have numerous attachments for the other equipment. We are looking at a 330 to be outfitted with a single member shear when we go to the Ritchie Brothers auction in a few.

In addition, we have a hyundai midi excavator with a half yard bucket, two bobcats and we're also looking at a brok 90, which is a remote control unit capable of being fitted with a hammer, shear or bucket, for use in hazardous environments.
ancona, I can only imagine the possibilities should your neighbors find that equipment.
What kind of equipment do you have?

eeerrrr ..... not quite as much as you :flushed:

i just keep a 6 tonne hitachi & 3 tonne kubota for playing around
oh and an old 3 tonne dumper

This allows me to do pretty much whatever i feel like doing on the creative front or tree recovery, access track maintenance .......... which goes down really well with my few NEIGHBOURS, who share the track :pffftt:

Ive run bigger stuff in the past but as I get older, refitting the tracks ( to tight to pay for new tracks or rollers ) becomes the controlling factor.

No finance or insurance costs and I would seem to be able to claim any fuel or parts as a business expense, as long as something goes out occasionally on a commercial basis.

If I had the fleet of demo plant that you have, it would be a huge distraction as it would all need to be moving, i.e. employees and all their hidden costs and the demo business is inherently dangerous, even though the gear is so much better at safe reduction, then theres the client risks .........

no thanks !

I just go into a situation that needs a push on the groundworks and 'make it happen', get paid by the hour / mile and scarper as soon as they are out of the ground. This way I have lots of fun and bugger all overheads.

If I dont get paid it hardly matters, cos my pm holdings are up or down ( in £ or $ terms ) by 10 times what they owe me ........

By taking this view, even my earnings can be viewed as play money and life becomes a breeze.

This year I choose to 'come out' of my bunker somewhat and simply have fun.
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