1. M

    Best way to 'prepare' silver bars for storage

    Hello all, Sorry for the newbie post, but it is info that I can't quite get a 100% answer on in searching the web and prior forum posts. Not saying it isn't there, just saying I have yet to stumble across the answer. Okay, question is this. If I am the hypothetical owner of a silver bar and...
  2. J

    Question about coins

    Not sure if this is the right forum BUT they are silver coins. I recently found some old coins while helping Mom clear out one of her junk rooms (she has 2). Specifically, at this time, I am referring to an 1889 Morgan and an 1867 nickel. Both are heavily tarnished to the point that they are...
  3. B

    Protecting silver from tarnish

    One disadvantage to silver (depending on the point of view) is tarnish. What products and/or methods, to protect their silver from tarnish, has everyone else tried? I ran across these products recently: http://www.silverguard.com/c-6-pacific-silvercloth-by-the-yard.aspx...
  4. Mark

    Another dumb-ass "newbie" question

    Is silver coinage pure silver? Like, is a Mercury dime or a Morgan silver dollar pure silver? I'm not talking about the clad coinage from '64 on, just the silver ones. Thanks again:silver:
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