1. pmbug

    Overnight Reverse Repurchase agreements

    A little primer on how stuff works: More (long):
  2. <SLV>

    If you were wondering...

    ... why they want war so badly:
  3. pmbug

    Stablecoin implosion could be a black swan for US Treasuries
  4. B

    Why do people by U.S. treasury bonds?

    I had a facinating talk with a few Europeans this past week. One of the topics that came up was why people still buy U.S. treasury bonds despite their low returns and vulnerability to inflation. Essentially, they told me that people in other countries view the U.S. and arrogent and prideful...
  5. pmbug

    US Treasuries sell-off gathering pace

    Source (with charts):
  6. pmbug

    Inflation-protected Treasury securities trading with negative interest rates I know I'm seeing the world with gold and silver colored glasses, but seems to me there is a "more solid" vehicle for preserving and protecting wealth in these circumstances. :gold: :silver:
  7. pmbug

    Foreign holdings of US Treasuries declining

    More (including chart): Raise the debt ceiling! OK, now what? Who's buying? :paperbag:
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