1. pmbug

    Highline Gold targeted by FDIC I looked at the Highline Gold website and was not very impressed. They are offering some sort of gold vaulting service:
  2. searcher

    Owners of Richmond vault company sued for almost $300K in missing gold, metals

    Owners of Richmond vault company sued for almost $300K in missing gold, metals Two customers of a Richmond safety deposit box business have been given the green light to pursue claims against its owners for allegedly removing gold and other contents from their boxes. Terence Dilan Kulanayagam...
  3. pmbug

    Australian gold vaulting service investigated for fraud/malfeasance

  4. searcher

    Inside the Singapore government's secret gold vault

    Here's a look inside the S'pore government's secret gold vault It's no secret that the Singapore government's reserves are extensive. The country has a gold vault that forms just one part of the official foreign reserves managed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), also known as...
  5. searcher

    First State Depository: Court orders $146m penalty over missing silver coins

    Court orders $146m penalty over missing silver coins AUS court has ordered two precious metals companies to pay almost $146m (£115m) after more than 500,000 American Silver Eagle coins went missing. The firms and their owner Robert Higgins have been accused of running a "fraudulent and...
  6. U

    Dutch ABN To Halt Physical Gold Delivery Hmmm....
  7. pmbug

    Proposed Texas legislation: gold bullion repository

    More (incl. video):
  8. B

    World’s biggest gold storage company dumps US citizens “We are currently experiencing rapid and substantial changes in the general regulations within this business. The changes mainly relate to the tax structures and taxation...
  9. D

    Seeking gold bug for Discovery Channel documentary

    Hello, I am producing a documentary special for Discovery Channel about how money is issued, produced, moved, and protected. We've filmed at BEP, Secret Service, US Mint, and the Federal Reserve. We are also focusing on gold (as one cannot talk about money without doing so) and I am looking...
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