3.5 Million More Americans Voted Republican in the Midterms So Go Ahead - Blame Trump

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3.5 Million More Americans Voted Republican in the Midterms So Go Ahead - Blame Trump


It was quite head-spinning to see how instantly and gleefully many Republicans of the high forehead class leapt to blaming Donald Trump for the less-red-wavy-than-expected 2022 Midterms. And leapt from there to condemning his 2024 presidential run. But before lifting new champion Governor DeSantis to their shoulders, the Trump-trashers would do well to praise Caesar rather than burying him.
The Trump magic is clear in the Midterm numbers - 92% of Trump’s endorsees won their primaries, as did 86% of his general election picks. The nay-sayers claiming his 2020 coattails were toxic in 2022 - even though he had no coattails because he wasn’t on the ballot – are simply wrong. In total, Trump’s candidates won 224 of 241 primary races and 208 of 254 general-election ones, according to the Trump-hating Washington Post. People obviously like to vote for the candidates Trump likes. Rather than waning, his influence is on the rise.

More at the link.
ban the secret ballot, ie the secret vote counters. make votes public

this, or continue toward (satanic bolshevism) with more and more stolen elections
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