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Fly on the Wall
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Hi everyone,

This is a new company that started in November 2016. They sell precious metals at absolute cost. It is a membership based program and the membership does cost $250. With that you get the ability to make $1000 a week in a very simple system you are able to use to invest in precious metals.

I've compared prices with every gold and silver site I could find and have not found cheaper. No minimum limits. You could buy one coin and get it at cost. Shipping is fast, discreet, and safe. Received both my orders without any problems.

Issues: The items in the shop are not very descriptive and there are not many options yet. Large membership fee.

Conclusion: I'll use it to make back my membership then buy PM at cost.

I know I'm new, but I'm here to be productive and engaging and am excited to start collecting PM!
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Anybody heard of these guys or know of anybody's experience with them?
Basically, you pay a yearly membership ($250 or $500/yr) and get to buy gold and silver bullion/coins at reduced price.
Their prices seem to be pretty good on some items, other items like slabbed coins hold no interest to me.
I'm not sure I would buy enough to make it worth while but thought maybe someone might be interested.
7k metals is a legitamate company. It is headquartered in Idaho Falls. Roger Ball, Josh Anderson, Zack Davis, Richard Hensen all real people. I live here. 2235 E 25TH st. Idaho Falls Id 83404. For more info: www.7kmetal.com/start
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