A Cryptocurrency is leading the Precious Metals revolution

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Fly on the Wall
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The purpose of Airgead is to create a cryptocurrency that is backed by Precious Metals.

Precious Metals have the amazing ability to:
• Protect your wealth from all debt backed governmental currencies
• Find a fair value in any country throughout the world
• Protects you from any increase in value of goods and services
• Protects you from a decreasing value of your assets
• To be limited to a finite amount ever being produced, unlike paper money which can be printed into infinity

Imagine owning and actually contributing to a new open currency that will free this system of debt.
Imagine being able to store your Precious Metals with no fees.
Imagine being able to merge those precious metals into one Digital Coin that can not only be used for storage, but you can also make purchases with it or sell it at a profit.

What are your thoughts on this Cryptocurrency?
Here is the Airgeadcoin Website - <redacted>
I am currently participating in the AirgeadCoin Airdrop
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Hmmmm. Tell me more about these precious metals you speak of. Can an ordinary subject such as myself procure these metals without permission from the gubment?
A True Precious Metals Backed Currency is being developed

We are being provided with the ability to create our own precious metals currency based on all these coins and AirgeadCoin will help you use these coins to get their real value or to use them as a True Precious Metals Backed currency.

What are your thought on Cryptocurrency?

I am currently participating in the AirgeadCoin Airdrop
lulz - drive by spam aged 4 years. Website posted in OP isn't resolving, so I'm redacting it.
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