Americans Are Never A People Without Any Remedy

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Brian Cates indy reporter

Americans Are Never A People Without Any Remedy​

When A Truly Awful And Great Crime Has Been Committed Against Them​

Brian Cates

As more and more evidence of the coordinated rigging and theft of the 2020 Presidential election continues to surface, a great crime now compounded by the even more blatant fraud of the 2022 midterms just conducted, a great national debate continues as to what can be done to redress these crimes.

One side says nothing can be done no matter what evidence has surfaced and continues to surface, as two full years have passed since November 8, 2020.

We are told by this side that there were constitutional time constraints on any remedy and those deadlines have long since passed. And so we are now trapped, and the criminals shall just have to be allowed to enjoy the fruits of their perfidy for another two trips ‘round the Sun.

'Pals': The Obama-Biden partnership

However, I reject this.

I see none of that happening.

We faced a somewhat-similar situation in 2009...a Kenyan national was on the ballot (as a DemocRat, of course) and all attempts to remove him, block him, get Electors to do their duty, only resulted in courts ruling "No Standing" and threats from the Left.

Nothing will be done. Except that the nation will be destroyed, which will be the result of nothing being done.
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