Anaconda Mining provides an update on the Golboro Gold Project

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The most recent update from Anaconda Mining dated 26 November 2020

Anaconda Mining provides an update on the Goldboro Gold Project optimization process and mineral resource

TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / November 26, 2020 / Anaconda Mining Inc. ("Anaconda" or the "Company") (TSX:ANX)(OTCQX:ANXGF) is pleased to provide an update on its 100%-owned Goldboro Gold Project ("Goldboro" or the "Project") in Nova Scotia, Canada. The Company, working closely with its external consultant Nordmin Engineering Inc., initiated optimization work on the Project earlier in the year based on opportunities identified in connection with the ongoing definitive feasibility study ("DFS"). This included a 15,000 metre infill drill program to support an updated mineral resource in all three gold systems within the Goldboro deposit (West Goldbrook, Boston Richardson, East Goldbrook), with the objective of upgrading certain Inferred Mineral Resources into Indicated Mineral Resources as well as more detailed metallurgical work to establish recovery profiles on lower grade (< 2.0 grams per tonne ("g/t")) mineralization in an open pit scenario.
Further studies have indicated that the scale and potential of the Goldboro Gold Project is changing significantly, and we have identified certain opportunities which may markedly increase the Project's potential value, including:
  • The recognition and confirmation of more low-grade mineralization at shallow levels (less than 175 metres) of the deposit than was previously modelled;
  • The confirmation that mineralization within, and between, the three gold systems of the Goldboro deposit are continuous within the updated resource model; and
  • The potential for an open-pit dominant, higher-tonnage development scenario.
In light of these opportunities, the Company anticipates that it will issue an updated Mineral Resource in the first quarter of 2021. It has also initiated additional metallurgical, geotechnical, and mine and mill design work, as well as increased baseline environmental studies, to compliment an expanded view of the Project. The Company expects to be in a position to have a completed DFS, based on the expanded scope as outlined above, in the fourth quarter of 2021, well within the timelines for permitting.
"We are extremely excited about the tremendous opportunities that have been identified through ongoing drilling, resource modelling and metallurgical programs as part of the optimization process at the Goldboro Gold Project. The potential impact on the Project's economics and key economic metrics could create significant incremental value. The recognition of lower grade mineralization and improved continuity, particularly at depths amenable to open-pit mining, may contribute to improving those key economic metrics. We believe the updated mineral resource, which we expect to issue in the first quarter of 2021, will demonstrate these opportunities. Consequently, we have expanded the scope of the definitive feasibility study, allowing for additional technical studies to focus on an open-pit dominant scenario, and expect to complete the associated study in the fourth quarter of 2021. Given the permitting timelines, it's a fortuitous opportunity to potentially add significant value to the Goldboro Gold Project as we work towards a production decision."
~ Kevin Bullock, President and CEO, Anaconda Mining Inc.

Working Towards an Updated Mineral Resource in the First Quarter of 2021
Infill drilling and resource modelling in 2020 has focused on refining the geological model and the trends of mineralization within individual modelled solids, giving particular attention to low-grade mineralization both within and outside of modelled solids across the Goldboro deposit. These refinements are anticipated to result in a more representative geological model and grade distribution within the modelled solids, including an improved understanding of the plunge direction of the mineralization, providing more accuracy on continuity around anticlinal fold closures.
In addition, the creation of a background resource model to capture mineralization outside of modelled solids have identified further mineralized material at less than 2.0 g/t gold previously not considered for development. The combination of a more representative geological model and the creation of a separate background model for low-grade mineralization may suggest, among other things, higher tonnage from an expanded open-pit scenario with higher mill throughput.
The infill drill results from the current 15,000 metre program will be incorporated into the refined mineral resource model and is expected to upgrade certain Inferred Mineral Resources to the Measured and Indicated categories across the Goldboro deposit, which will also be incorporated into the ongoing DFS. The updated mineral resource is expected to be announced in the first quarter of 2021.

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