Andromeda Galaxy with the naked eye

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Unca Walt

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Did it about an hour ago. (4AM) The air was perfectly still, and there were no clouds or moon. <-- Doggone rare occurrence, coupled with Himself out there just lookin'.

It's a snap with binocs, spotting scope, small telescope, but hard-hard for Mark 1 Eyeball. This is the second time in my life that I've done it. Cool feeling. If you'd like to try, here is a map that lays it right out. This conglomeration just jumps out at you. Locating it with this map will be a snap. Seeing Andromeda with naked eye... gotta get lucky.

The crumpled "W" is your pointer. In your vision the big "V" part points right to the center of the group of stars that form a funnel. Now just go back an equal distance from the middle pair. Bingo. Andromeda Galaxy.
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