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Location: New Orleans, LA

Shipping: $23 on orders under $300, free for larger orders. All orders shipped with insurance.

Payment Options: wire transfer, credit card, crypto currency (using BitPay), money order or personal, business or cashier’s check.


Blanchard now offers an online shopping cart for internet sales. At the time that I did business with them (note: well over a decade ago), they were one of those companies that required you to call them and place orders over the phone. So, my review / rating will reflect my experience with phone orders.

If you place a phone order, Blanchard will try to sell you on buying metals on account with them (ie. not taking physical delivery) and using leverage/margin. If you want physical delivery, you have to insist on it and make darn sure that they have physical inventory on hand to fulfil your order. I would be leary if they could not commit to a prompt delivery schedule.

Blanchard was very helpful and professional on the phone. They delivered as promised and their S&H was fine.
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Are they still in business? website (www . blanchardonline . com) not resolving....
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Looks like they moved to a new website address. I wonder if they are the same company...
I can see with the Wayback Machine that the original website ceased working circa 2014 and they redirected the site to the new one. Both listed the same company name, address and phone number, so looks like it's the same outfit. I'll adjust the thread accordingly.
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