Cliff High: My dog needed to pee… It was one thing, then the other…

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My dog needed to pee…

It was one thing, then the other…​

FEB 26

It was one thing, then the other…

My dog needed to pee…

My dog needed to pee. That’s my excuse and I am sticking with it. It’s factual. He needed to pee and got me up too early. Just a bit too early, like 45 minutes, not really enough to go back to bed, but too early to be quite ‘with it’ right off. So the first cuppa coffee was kind of lost in the haze…

Elon Musk’s problem may have been that I started doing shit in that haze, and then, kept doing it while I worked on the second & third cups. Am an old guy & it takes a lot of coffee sometimes…

...anyway, I set out to use ChatGPT to demonstrate that EV batteries were a net energy loss.

That’s when things went spectacularly wrong.

Yes, the batteries are a net loss if they have a normal lifespan as they take 212.7 barrels of oil to make, and only replace 150 barrels of oil IF they meet the usual specs, and so few actually do. So my thing number 1 did happen, but not as I anticipated.

Anyway, we had bogus numbers spewing out like an oil gusher just brought home. 3 million plus barrels of oil per battery. WTF?

But, it’s AI so you just got to trust it yes?

Then, of course, you look, and get on the AI’s case about the goofy math. That takes some work, but whittles it down to 215 thousand barrels of oil.

That’s better, but eh? Still, it don’t sit well even with 3 cups in you.

So you go back & get that 4th cup, and start a process by process, hand audit of its math. That yields realistic numbers of 212.7 barrels of oil per battery to produce the things, while they only provide 150 barrels of oil in electricity over their lifespan.

Thus the first thing, of demonstrating the EV battery idea to be not good & a net loser, that is produced, but along the way, you get diverted into demonstrating that AI can’t be trusted. That ChatGPT is prone to really wonky behavior, especially if it involves more than one unit-of-measure, such as barrels of oil, and gallons of diesel fuel, and kilo Watts of electricity.

ChatGPT getting ‘confused’ was my second thing of the day. The original article that I had put on Substack was to the point of that first thing, but really, it also brought up the other thing.

Hopefully neither of my things were part of the things in his day.

Sigh...note that his tweet demonstrates the multiple tweet bug where it chops off the text if there are graphics involved.
Well, better luck to all us guys for tomorrow. Will get my dog to pee before we go to bed tonight.

Naked White People with Spears

Very Disconcerting Indeed!​


Naked White People with Spears

Very Disconcerting Indeed!

In the main, I am ignorant of television. I will sometimes see a movie, or a series on one of the services, but have no interest in any series, or sports, or other television presentations, nor any interest in developing any interest. But I don’t live alone, and on occasion, the television is on. I don’t watch, as nothing on it is attractive to me.

Something else that was not very attractive to me was to glance up from my computer work to see a couple of naked white people, one of whom was bent over, and full on presenting to the screen.

Very disconcerting indeed.

It was from a television show, titled Naked and Afraid, or words to that effect. I was aware the show existed, but in a kind of ‘familiarity seen new’ way, I was presented with the image, now symbolized by big, naked, ass cheeks, of this show seen from a geopolitical point of view.

Consider it. You have from 2 to a bunch, maybe 20, naked white people with spears, knives, hunting bows, and other very lethal implements. You take these people and insert them into rural areas all around the planet, and then you film them as they kill, cook, and eat, the local wildlife. While naked. With spears.

So exactly how is this cool? Do the locals know this shit is happening? Are they ok with their sheeps & goats and pets being hunted by packs of naked white people wandering around with sharp sticks?

Oh, and there is also the presence of a whole mess of people in clothes, filming all this. They may be white, may not. We don’t see them.

Given the great geopolitical tensions, how are the locals tolerating being invaded by these Naked White Wandering Spear People?

And the film crews stomping all over, damaging the local environment? Is anyone paying for this?

Look, think about it, what would we do if our country was being invaded by a bunch of armed...people….with film crews..?

Hey, wait a minute! WTF, eh?


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