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At Chinese trade fair, exporters despair their goods are 'as cheap as cabbage'​

GUANGZHOU, China, April 17 (Reuters) - Wu Huazhan's Chinese television factory used to impose minimum orders to manage production efficiently. Times are now so bleak, it will take any order.

Foshan Top Winning Import & Export's profit margin has dropped to a wafer-thin 0.5% from 2% some 3-4 years ago, according to Wu, a co-owner of the Guangdong-based factory and one of the many exporters fretting about business prospects at China's biggest trade fair in the southern city of Guangzhou.

"We're selling electrical appliances as cheap as cabbage," he added. "If it continues for another year or two, we'll have to change careers."

The sombre mood at the twice-a-year Canton Fair scarcely got a lift from data on Tuesday showing that the world's second-largest economy grew at a faster-than-expected 5.3% in the first quarter.

A sharp contraction in Chinese exports for March in dollar terms despite growth in volumes and data showing producer prices extending a year-and-a-half-long decline have tempered hopes that China is on its way to finding sustained post-pandemic growth.



Morning Bid: Blunt Powell signals rate cut plans on ice​

April 17, 2024

A look at the day ahead in U.S. and global markets from Mike Dolan

There's no doubt there's a doubt about any U.S. interest rate cuts this year.

After weeks of market trepidation about stalling U.S. disinflation amid still-brisk economic growth, Federal Reserve top brass are making clear that this year's rate cut plans are on ice until further notice.

Even though Fed policymakers seemed to re-affirm their expectation of as many as three quarter-point cuts in 2024 as recently as last month, the picture has shifted considerably since.




Precious Metals in a Hyperinflation and a Look at $3'000 Gold.​

Apr 17, 2024 #money #inflation #economy

Better to listen in one tab, play around the forum in a different tab.


IMF Warns the US, and China About Out of Control Deficit Spending​

Apr 18, 2024 #government #debt #currency

Nothing much to see, can listen in one tab, surf the forum in a different tab.


Take Five: Dancing to the dollar's beat​

April 19 (Reuters) - Just when it looked like rate cuts were coming any minute now, inflation has reared its head and the strength of the dollar is forcing other central bankers to protect their currencies and reconsider their policy choices.

What appeared to be a dead cert a few weeks ago - the Federal Reserve embarking on a series of markets-friendly rate cuts in the first half of the year - is now looking unlikely, just as earnings season ramps up.

Here's what's coming in markets next week from Kevin Buckland in Tokyo, Rae Wee in Singapore, Ira Iosebashvili in New York and Dhara Ranasinghe and Naomi Rovnick in London.



Instant view: Oil, Japan's yen up on reports Israeli missiles hit Iran​

April 19 (Reuters) - Oil and gold prices rose and Japan's yen rallied on Friday on reports Israeli missiles have hit a site in Iran.

Israel has struck Iran, three people familiar with the matter said, as Iranian state media reported early on Friday that its forces had destroyed Israeli drones, days after Iran launched a retaliatory drone strike on Israel.

The Israeli military had no comment on the reports. Reuters could not immediately confirm the reports.

Israel had said it was going to retaliate against Iran after the latter's April 13 missile and drone attack.

Market reaction:



"Markets clearly caught offside heading into the weekend. Attention has pivoted away from inflation to renewed concerns that the Middle East conflict could re-escalate. This is driving a strong flight to quality bid."

"Given the market has no sense of how long or deep this conflict could play out, there is no compelling argument to hold significant risk positions over the weekend. Risk assets are likely to remain on the backfoot."



US restricts drilling and mining in Alaska wilderness, angering state leaders​

April 19 (Reuters) - The Biden administration on Friday took steps to limit both oil and gas drilling and mining in Alaska, angering state officials who said the restrictions will cost jobs and make the U.S. reliant on foreign resources.

The measures are aligned with President Joe Biden's efforts to rein in oil and gas activities on public lands and conserve 30% of U.S. lands and waters to combat climate change.

The Interior Department finalized a regulation to block oil and gas development on 40% of Alaska's National Petroleum Preserve to protect habitats for polar bears, caribou and other wildlife and the way of life of indigenous communities.



GoldSeek Radio Nugget - Dr. Ron Paul: The Destruction of the Dollar's Value​

Apr 18, 2024

Dr. Ron Paul, former Congressman and Presidential Candidate of Ron Paul Liberty Report; comments on the astounding personal freedoms that come with sound money and gold ownership: https://twitter.com/RonPaul?ref_src=t...


- Dr. Paul notes that the National Debt implies national bankruptcy, making gold key to prosperity.
- Gold has 100x'ed since the $20 peg!
- Is gold on the cusp of another 10x, en route to $10,000?
- Is faulty foreign policy undermining dollar hegemony?
- Rumors suggest that $55 could be required to purchase one BRICS.
- One small Alaska town appears to be on the precipice of hyperinflation
- is this an aberration?
- $10 bread, $18 gallon of milk and $25 cheese: https://www.foxbusiness.com/lifestyle...
- Gold backed money may be the perfect panacea for imminent runaway-inflation.

Why Wars and Inflation Go Hand in Hand.​

Apr 21, 2024


Magnus Halvorsen: 2020 Bulkers, Shipping, Commodities, China, Investing, Dry Bulk In 2024 | Vonheim​

Apr 21, 2024 #drybulk #shippingstocks #ironore

It was fantastic to visit Magnus Halvorsen to record our third podcast episode. Let us know what you think about the episode in the comment section.

Magnus Halvorsen is the co-founder of 2020 Bulkers and served as the CEO of ‘2020 Bulkers Management AS’ from January 2019 until February 2022. Today he is the Chairman of the company. Prior to establishing 2020 Bulkers, Mr. Halvorsen had a 15 year long career in finance. He worked for Pareto Securities during 2003 – 2009 where he was a Partner and responsible for Pareto’s US operations, including serving as a Chairman for their US JV, Nordic Partners. He was also a Partner and Head of Capital markets for Clarksons Platou Securities (formerly Platou Markets).


00:00 - The Latest From 2020 Bulkers
03:03 - The History And Lessons From 2020 Bulkers
10:55 - Discipline In Shipping, Fleet Decisions And China
17:45 - Tankers And Oil Versus Capsize And Dry Bulk
21:20 - Dry Bulk Market 2024 (China, Brazil, Australia)
27:10 - Commodities Trends (Different Mining Strategies)
30:10 - Shipping Fuels For The Future
33:00 - Investing Ideas, AI, And The Global Economy
35:05 - 2020 Bulkers Lessons, And Career Advice



Morning Bid: Big Tech swoons as Q1s lurk, Nvidia decimated​

April 22, 2024

A look at the day ahead in U.S. and global markets from Mike Dolan

The so-called 'Magnificent 7' of U.S. megacap tech stocks has retreated sharply as first-quarter earnings updates kick off this week, with AI-chip star Nvidia (NVDA.O), opens new tab swooning 10% on Friday after a nervy week for the sector.

World markets stabilised more broadly on Monday as another tense weekend in the Middle East passed without another direct exchange of missiles between the Israel and Iran - even though a cooling of situation had been well flagged already on Friday.



Copper demand to boom as new technology drives power consumption, Trafigura says​

LONDON, April 22 (Reuters) - Flourishing activity in the electric vehicle, power infrastructure, AI and automation sectors will lead to at least 10 million metric tons of additional copper consumption over the next decade, commodity trader Trafigura told Reuters.

Technological developments such as artificial intelligence and automation, and the energy transition, which includes electric vehicles and renewable energy, have already driven up demand prospects for copper cable used to conduct electricity.


Key events in developed markets and EMEA next week

US GDP for the first quarter and the Federal Reserve’s favoured measure of inflation, the core PCE deflator, will be the main releases to watch next week. In Poland, we expect unemployment to remain low at 5.3%. Meanwhile, we forecast the National Bank of Hungary to cut rates to 7.75% and the Central Bank of Turkey to keep rates on hold at 50%



Weekly Commodity Market Update: Brazil ahead of U.S. in SAF market​

Apr 23, 2024

This week Will and Ben look at Brazil's progress in the sustainable aviation fuel sector.


Morning Bid: Tesla catches break, Meta next; TikTok countdown​

April 24, 2024

A look at the day ahead in U.S. and global markets from Mike Dolan

Ailing Tesla shares (TSLA.O), opens new tab caught a rare 10% break overnight despite the electric auto giant's quarterly revenue miss, underscoring a better market mood as Meta (META.O), opens new tab steps up to the earnings dock later and U.S. business activity cools in April.

Deep in a global price war and hit by waning worldwide demand for electric vehicles, Tesla said its quarterly revenue fell for the first time since 2020 and by more than Wall St analysts had forecast. Revenue per vehicle plunged 5% from year ago.

But perhaps reflecting the extent of short-selling that fed this year's 42%-plus stock drop up to Tuesday's close, shares surged once the report was released after the bell - ostensibly cheered by somewhat vague plans to introduce low-cost "new models" by early 2025 and boss Elon Musk's update.

More buoyant tech stocks (.NYFANG), opens new tab generally helped as the megacaps shape up to report their quarterlies through this week and next. The S&P500 (.SPX), opens new tab at large clocked a second straight day of gains on Tuesday, which saw the index recover more than a third of the near-6% peak-to-trough slide this month.



'Unbelievable' Levels of Big Money Interest in Commodities Right Now: John Ciampaglia​

Apr 24, 2024

Don't watch, listen in one tab, play around the forum in a different tab.

John Ciampaglia brings his unique perspective as the CEO of Sprott to bear to shine a light on growing institutional investor interest in gold, silver, uranium, copper, and other commodities. John thinks we're on the precipice of a commodities supercycle, and the big money out there is starting to flock to the sector in search of outsized gains.


Scrap Prices: Copper's Continues Its Rise, Steel May See A Recovery​

📈 Check Scrap Prices: https://iScrapApp.com/ - Explore the latest developments in the scrap metal market in this week’s update. We dive into how the burgeoning AI boom and electrification efforts are poised to push copper prices potentially up to $5 per pound. Learn about the potential effects of increased tariffs on Chinese steel imports and how they might boost U.S. steel prices despite challenges from rising transportation costs. Additionally, we’ll discuss the steady yet uncertain market for catalytic converters and palladium, influenced by the shift to electric vehicles. Plus, discover how aluminum prices react to market pressures and the unexpected stability in nickel and stainless steel prices.

👉 Read more: https://iscrapapp.com/blog/weekly-scr...



America and China fight to control minerals that run the world​

Apr 25, 2024

#Africa is home to 30 percent of the world’s known critical #minerals, and #America wants to tap into that marketplace. However, #China is miles ahead of the competition.

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