Review: Currency and Coin



Locations: Beaumont, TX

Shipping (USA): ???

Payment Options: Credit Cards only?


I have used up all of my google-fu searching for a report on this company with no luck. Has anyone dealt with them?

Thank you.
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Never heard of them. Name is two generic words. Know anything else about them? website, phone #, location, etc.?
My order arrived today, 5 1921 Morgan Silver Dollars (BU) in plastic cases.

I did a search of my financial software program and found a previous transaction (two actually) with this company.

On 1/27/2016 I charged $523.90 with them. But on 2/12/2016 I received a $503.00 refund. I cannot remember any of the details, but it must have been something I was dissatisfied with and returned. The difference between the two was probably shipping. I just cannot remember the details.

Morgan Silver Dollars are about the only coins I buy other than ASEs, Canadian Maple Leafs, and Buffalo Silver Rounds.
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