Damn' good thing guns are illegal in Chi-town

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Good! I hope those who live there and keep voting for that crap, choke on it!

Edited to add: f'ing morons!
That's one way of looking at it...the undesirables, who wish to disarm all of us...act locally, and experience the fruit of their actions.
Chicago: Not organized like Capone. More like Peaky Blinders. <-- OH! Good fit! (eg: There's always more sectional disputes from overlaps, previous gunfights, etc.)

So there will always be a never-ending supply of amoral, violent, no boundaries types.
They should make drugs illegal in Chicago too.
And give out free housing. And money for every kid plopped out.

Guaranteed way for a vibrant, healthful community.
What they need, is a swift kick in the ass.
.....and handcuffs.
But really, we cannot blame them -- the resulting sub-class of humans that might be defined as the result of the horrible "help" programs. If your or I had been born into that milieu, we'd have been bangers. No way out, due to the politicals and their power/grift structure.

The programs are nothing less than the feed that comes down in the huge chicken coop where the chickens pop out more chickens while sitting on their program-supplied boxes.

Pretty fitting analogy.
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