death on a highway


Yellow Jacket
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--the other day there was a terrible accident on i44

it was hideously bad. It was a team of truckers- and booze was seen on the medium.

The main victim had trauma to the head.

(I am remembering the details from a post about this, I cant find the post)

So the passer by is helping a cop is helping or someone else... until paramedics arrive. The dude used to know cpr but forgot it.

He tried to do what he could- they both did. But it wasnt enough.

Horrific accident- the poster said he held his hand. He felt the grip and then, he told the man to hold on. ....and abit later he felt the hand let go.

So naturally he was upset and wanted to talk about it.

So over night I was thinking..... how many die holding another humans hand? I would guess not many. Then I pondered is that fair to the guy who held his hand. The event went on 30 minutes.

...we get wrapped up in our own life. Life is fragile.

Maybe you to be there - or read the original post.


Ground Beetle
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North Dakota
The out of state oil field trash here is literally killing people by the car loads (or SUV/truck loads) like crazy here. They don't drive well when conditions are good, then they drive even crazier on ice & snow. The problem is the driver usually lives while his passengers will all die or get horribly maimed and most of the people in the other vehicle (often locals driving safe & sane) die as well.