District court judge strikes down part of California's Unsafe Handgun Act

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A federal judge in California has issued an order granting a preliminary injunction against enforcement of sections of the state’s “Unsafe Handgun Act” (UHA), while denying a preliminary injunction request against other sections of the law, in a Second Amendment Foundation case.
The case, originally filed in late 2020, challenges the requirements of California’s UHA, which includes a codified “roster” of acceptable handguns. The roster limits handgun sales to those models that satisfy numerous testing and safety feature requirements, such as a “chamber loaded indicator” (CLI) and “magazine disconnect mechanism” (MDM) and microstamping, which plaintiffs say are not required in 47 other states. The requirements have essentially prevented the sale of modern up-to-date handguns, as no new models have been added to the roster’s approved list for more than a decade. Meanwhile, the limited number of handguns now on the list continues to shrink because of the testing and safety feature requirements.

Judge Sabraw notes in his 30-page ruling that “Plaintiffs have shown likely success on their claim that the UHA’s CLI, MDM and microstamping requirements violate their Second Amendment rights.”

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