Does Anyone Remember the Good Old Days...

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I got in then. My ave price of silver is around $14. So for me- its been a wash.... on paper. Most of us here started when TARP was passed.

If I had any regrets- I wished I knew how to street fight better. Those thugs from Syria are going to be trouble.

Muslims are trouble. A muslim would throw me off a building to my death. (because I happen to be gay) looking back- growing up- I should have been more of a fighter.

The black lives matter crowd would harm me.

The least threat to me are those who are on the right- of politics. Liberals would tax me out of my house. THat is a fight, right?
Of sub-$15 silver?

Sub-$15 silver are the good old days? Not by my definition.

I remember $1.29 silver, but did not aggressively act on it, partially because it was too expensive for me, and partially because my crystal ball was broken.

Think of it this way. $15 silver is one work hour where the minimum wage is $15 per hour today. When silver was $1.29 per oz, it took 1 hour and 18 minutes at the minimum wage to buy one ounce of silver. Ignoring taxes, of course. Based on that, it seems to me that silver is pretty cheap at $15 per oz.
It was ~$12.50/toz in October 2008 when Lehman collapsed. I kinda doubt silver will ever return to an equivalence of today's ~$16/toz after Lehman 2.0 happens.
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