Fantastic gold treasure found. Life-size (or bigger) in gold

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Hoo Boy. You guys don't want to miss this. There was a group researching an ancient wreck off the east coast of Africa.

Right in the middle of their exploring, they suddenly came across HUGE golden statues. If you are impatient, skip to about 50 min mark. <-- You will miss other gold stuff, so take yer pick.

Then you will be struck shocked to see the huge gold, life-sized and bigger figures coming up. Now on display. Incredible art.

The 55-minute mark shows a Sun God disk about five feet across...
Damien Hirst is a sculptor …….
its a captivating film if you can suspend your disbelief
bummer man

this would have been a good April Fools Day joke

Inside, in perfect Discovery Channel pastiche, the tale is told of a freed slave named Cif Amotan II (solve that anagram), who accumulated an immense fortune which he spent on the sunken treasures divers are now dredging up on the screen before you. This is quite obviously hokum.

One glimpse of the synthetic blue coral, or the Versace bling of the golden head gingerly dislodged from the sea floor, should give the game away, even before you see the amazing “hoard”.

But then again, these are in a true sense buried treasures: buried and then rediscovered for the sake of this footage.

The joke is already more subtle than many of the objects; this is art for a post-truth world.
Cool video, but the videographer missed their calling.

They should be jigging and moving around for the rappers instead of in a quality subject matter.

Very distracting to say the least!

One of the comments below the video:

I gotta admit I bought this hook, line and sinker right up until the end. There were plenty of warnings which I ignored. Being a diver I was curious how they preserved so much of the colors of the coral, urchins and worm casings. When they were carrying the large gold works of art I thought wow they must be really strong to carry that much gold so easily, but still ignored my sense of reality. The statue of the bear with the screaming man with outstretched arms standing on its head was insane and seemed too modern to me. The monkey with the corn cob was odd as was the gold transformer statue. When I glimpsed the "Made in China" stamp my mind was screaming WTF?? The statue of Mickey still in the water at the end looked so out of place I thought I was just interpreting an old work of art through simple eyes. It wasn't until I went to the comments did I realize it was really just another Hollywood movie making it truly Treasures of the Unbelievable.
My thinking was kinda this find is as big as king Tutankhamen so why haven’t I already heard about it ….
then it was how could these treasures have survived so perfectly after immersion in salt water for so long.

But Damian Hirsts art work is stunning and it’s a great way to show his art .
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