Fishermen reel in 26 foot catch of a lifetime

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Fishermen Reel in 26-Foot-Long WWII Torpedo Inside Their Net​

A fisherman landed an explosive catch while out trawling for fish along the sea bed in Denmark that was later revealed to be an undetonated World War II torpedo.

Danish fisherman René Kloster alerted the country's authorities after the torpedo became entangled in the net several miles off the west coast of the Jutland peninsula on Saturday, July 1. Kloster, captain of the fishing vessel St. Anthony, said that the torpedo was later detonated away from the coast.


My Witchwife and I found a torpedo right off the coast of Ft. Lauderdale. It was sitting in the white sand, and she straddled it.
Just a couple of months ago during beach replenishment on our island they dredged up an old artillery shell and detonated it right on the beach. It startled us and shook our whole building. I don't think I want to go thru an invasion like D-Day at my age.
If you fly a small plane over the swamp in South Floriduh, you will see many pairs of long cleared-of-vegetation gouges in the swamp. These are from bombs dropped in training in WWII.

One more discovery: My younger son Puck and I were diving off the Port Everglades entrance on the south side (it's some sorta state park). I found a bomb encrusted in the coral right there in 35 feet of water, I was chipping the coral away from the bomb casing to see if I could read what was written on the side of it.

Puck smacked my hand away and pantomimed: "Are. You. Out. Of. Your. Fuggin. MIND??!!"

So I never got to see what kind it was.
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