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Wow. It looks like Macron has totally killed his party. I wonder how much of this is spurred by immigration policy and how much might be related to the farmer revolt.
That's good news. I hope that rat-bastard ends up selling pencils in the no-go parts of Paris. I have to respect LePen, and all who put their own country first above the DS tyrants. I hope she kicks out the devils and cleans house.

Thank God for patriots like LePen, Orban, and Putin. They love their countries above all else.
Ferfal's take...................

This 28 year old will be France´s Next President​

Jun 30, 2024

They need to chop sime heads off.
My maths ain't that great, but if he was born in 1985 he would be a little older than 28.
Let's see if Macron leaves office... I suspect there's going to be some machinations behind the scenes to 'fix' the vote....

Not saying their election system is rigged or anything, but we are dealing with the unelected bureaucratic deep state EU.

So expect shenanigans...

France avoided a far-right election win — now the radical far-left is demanding power​

  • After the left-wing's election success in France, all eyes are now on radical firebrand Jean-Luc Mélenchon who has demanded the left be given the premiership.
  • "The president has the power, the president has the duty to call on the New Popular Front to govern," Mélenchon said last night.
  • The expansionary fiscal policy of the left-wing New Popular Front has been a cause of concern for economists since Macron called the snap election last month.
After the left-wing's election success in France on Sunday, all eyes are now on radical firebrand Jean-Luc Mélenchon who has demanded the left be given the premiership and a chance to govern following its unexpected election win.

The New Popular Front (NFP) coalition — of which Mélenchon is the self-appointed figurehead — won the largest number of seats in the second round of France's snap parliamentary election. Comprising Mélenchon's far-left France Unbowed party, the Socialist Party, the French Communist Party as well as green, center-left and left-wing political groups, the NFP unexpectedly thwarted the far-right's advance is now positioning itself as the possible leader of a coalition government.


New Popular Front shocks world with French election win​

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