Gas stove ban raised after air pollution linked to childhood asthma

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Don't know but what gov cat doesn't do that?
The commissioner is not just some random gov worker.

But in this case maybe what he said was taken out of context?
What he said was pretty clear.

Trumka confirmed to CNN that “everything’s on the table” when it comes to gas stoves, but stressed that any ban would apply only to new gas stoves, not existing ones

If "everything" is on the table, would that by definition, not include a ban?
Oh wait, he actually said that it included a potential ban on new gas stoves.

He was pretty clear about it, and his comments I am using is from the cnn article I quoted above.
It's a bit dishonest for them to say now that he never said it and that the hub bub about it is only being driven by those on the Right.

People were only reacting to what the guy actually said.
The real reason they want to ban gas stoves is so they can sell the gas to the EU and China...
Change my mind.
The real reason they want to ban gas stoves is so they can sell the gas to the EU and China...
Change my mind.
Yep, that is why. I've read that the US has the largest proven nat gas reserves of any nation. There is no way they do not want to sell it. Just not to us Americans.
According to the study, almost 13 per cent of current child asthma in the US is linked to the use of a gas stove.
This totally false and the guy at the cspc knew it. This is just another case of bureaucrats using manufactured data in order to try to do whatever they want. In this case, attack the use of fossil fuels in favor of green BS.

The "study" was in fact nothing more than modeling that was ran on cherry picked numbers, conducted by those with major conflicts of interest.

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