Gold plunge and what to expect.

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Here, There, and Everywhere
I stumbled across this analysis by Tom Fitzpatrick of Citi Bank:

Recent Stunning Gold Plunge vs 1970s & What To Expect Next

The interesting part is what the potential upside is. Can we say $8,000 gold by 2016? If we can, also consider that inflation of common ordinary items will be atrocious. Like can we say $24/gallon gas?

If he is correct, and he does have history on his side, then this current plunge is THE BUYING OPPORTUNITY OF THE CENTURY. And it is also the last chance to protect one's wealth before hyperinflation takes over.

Market analysts are making really bizarre predictions to gold reaching $15,000 per ounce!!
Market analysts are making really bizarre predictions to gold reaching $15,000 per ounce!!

whats bizarre about this ?

the battle between inflation and deflation rages and the pressure cooker is steaming ........

Money printing is their only weapon
well, just you look at the range that gold was trading in in the last 10 years, and assuming that it can return just back there (assuming that the bull market hasn't ended - and why the heck it would, with all the fundamentals SCREAMING for the PMs), where it would have to put the price at - and rather shortly?

I don't know, but I am getting a feeling, that we might see THE lows very soon, if not already - I am quite amazed, how the recent drops have stopped (and reversed quite robustly) as quickly, as the price bombing had stopped.

I don't want to prickle the lion, and I would rather be cautious what I wish for, but ATM, it seems to me like "c'mon, is that all you got? Bring on some more!" :popcorn:
Now that we have a few more days of history on our side, I went back and re-read this analysis. Talk about being spot on the money!!! Now the question is "Where does he think gold will be going from here?" If anyone has a link to any updated analysis from Tom, could you post the link here?
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