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I have not used Goldmart yet, but saw them recommended on another website, so I started reviewing their site. I like what I see and may use them soon.

Goldmart offers online shopping like most internet dealers. Their website is very similar in structure to apmex' site. Very easy to navigate. They also clearly display both their buy and sell prices in terms of premium to spot.

What I'm seeing that really sets them apart from providentmetals, gainesvilllecoins, apmex, etc. is (at least as of this moment):
  • Pricing - Their premiums over spot rival tulving
  • No tiered pricing - Their low premiums to spot are available for 1ozt or 500ozt purchase.
  • No credit card surcharge - They might be the only online dealer I've seen that doesn't charge more for credit card orders.*
Their S&H costs are also very reasonable - lower than most others.

One thing that some people may not like is that they require a 10% down credit card deposit for orders paid by check or bank wire. If you prefer payment by those methods, they still require you to furnish a credit card.

They are based out of Newport Beach, California. Not sure what the State sales tax situation is for California customers.


I just put an ASE in their shopping cart and got this note:
To insure our customers get the most accurate prices, some product prices are "Live" and will automatically update throughout the checkout process until order is officially placed.

Might give you a moments panic if the price jumps on you. At this moment, they are showing an old spot price for silver of $32.75 on the sales page when spot is actually around $33.25 - a $0.50 difference. As long as they only charge the stated premium above spot though, this doesn't bother me too much - just makes it more difficult to correctly quantify a purchase.

Anyone here used them before?
* I just read their FAQ page which states at the very bottom of the page:
* Shipping and handling rates include the cash discount price of 2.75% of the transaction ammount. Orders paid by credit card do not qualify to receive the cash discounted shipping and handling rate.

They do charge a surcharge for credit cards, but they don't disclose it up front like most of the other online dealers.
Their low premiums enticed me so I purchased some platinum from them a few weeks ago.

I had no problems with the purchase or with the delivery of the metal.
I just checked out their sight... seems like a good deal as far as the premium over spot, but what kind of shipping costs are we looking at?
Goldmart seems to be an interesting website to deal with . They even provide value added service by giving free shipping , although this is only for orders over $5,000.
With their free shipping, Goldmart is going to kill my plans for dollar cost averaging. Would need to buy the dips then.
So has anyone used them yet? They're not on I've ready only a few reviews - generally positive - but would like to see more positives before dealing with them.

Re the OP, Goldmart is based out of Carson City, NV, not Newport Beach, CA (Tulving is based out of Newport Beach).

Goldmart's shipping rates are
< $150, shipping is $5.95
$150 to $500, shipping is $8.95
$500 to $1,000, shipping is $11.95
$1,000 to $2,500, shipping is $15.95
$2,500 to $5,000, shipping is 19.95
> $5,000, shipping is free
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Yes, I have used them. I also spoke with more than two different sale associates of theirs directly on the phone. All of them confirmed they are in California, by the way. I have had a few purchases with them. Two by check and one by wire. All went off without a hitch. Everything was packaged well and they have a packaging system that adds an extra layer of protection to say, a gold bar in an assay package, so that the corners don't get bent in transit. Everything showed up exactly on time, when they said it would. I bought as recently as May.

Updating to edit their location. The company moved to Nevada, for good according to them, in July 2012.
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Placed a phone order on 2012-07-10 after their move, and after their live price feed went down. They cashed the check on 2012-07-17.

Given their recent moving, personnel and technical issues, any idea on when I can expect a package? Their website isn't as slick as APMEX's, and their sales department hasn't responded to any of my e-mail inquiries.
Call them directly. I expect that if the check was cashed/funds cleared, etc, that they can give you answers on the phone. I think their mail server/service is in trouble or broken, and in need of repair. The owner did a mass email last week saying that their mass email Prior to the move did not reach thousands of registered customers.
Called them today. Dialed 1 to talk to a sales associate and it went straight to VM. Left a message, talked slowly and gave them my phone number 2x. No return phone call. It's been 3 days since they cashed my check, and I'm not worried yet (APMEX was pretty slow to ship after they cashed my check as well).

That said, Goldmart's site could benefit from a better "Order Status" page like Amazon's or APMEX's site.
2012-07-10 ordered via phone. Received e-mail confirmation after 20 minutes.

2012-07-10 wrote e-mail confirming they are waiving shipping. No response.

2012-07-12 mailed check.

2012-07-17 e-mailed asking if they received check. No response.

2012-07-17 check was cashed.

2012-07-20 called early afternoon, went to VM. Left message. No-one called me back.

2012-07-23 called early evening, went to VM. Left message. No-one called me back.

After the order confirmation, I've e-mailed and called on 4 separate occasions with no response. The lack of any response is pissing me off. Anyone have any recommendations on how to resolve?
2012-07-10 ordered via phone. Received e-mail confirmation after 20 minutes.

2012-07-10 wrote e-mail confirming they are waiving shipping. No response.

2012-07-12 mailed check.

2012-07-17 e-mailed asking if they received check. No response.

2012-07-17 check was cashed.

2012-07-20 called early afternoon, went to VM. Left message. No-one called me back.

2012-07-23 called early evening, went to VM. Left message. No-one called me back.

After the order confirmation, I've e-mailed and called on 4 separate occasions with no response. The lack of any response is pissing me off. Anyone have any recommendations on how to resolve?

Looking at their website:

It looks like they ship 7 days after they cash your check to allow for processing.

Based on their lack of response to your emails I would be hesitant to use them myself. Keep us updated.
Are you calling them on the sales/order line? Strange that you get VM.
my small order with check took a while too. It was only a couple hundred so I wasn't stressed on watching their timing, because of the "Snail-Mail" issue. I had also already done a large purchase via WIRE with them that was executed very well so I was already at ease with them handling my money. I would say that nothing has happened with your transaction that hadn't happened with mine, except the failing to actually talk to someone. Every time I called I had a friendly helpful person pick up.

I am sorry to hear you felt ignored, but if they've added time to process that I didn't notice before, then that week seems to be spot on, considering your timeline of events thus far.
Don't buy from Goldmart

Don't buy from Goldmart. I lost my first order and they don't even bother to help me open a claim with post office. I keep calling Nick and everytime i talk to him, he always says i'll take care of it today but he never have. And he's also so rude and mean. After many times hearing him say the same thing without seeing any result, i asked him how much longer should I wait. And he said he was going to lunch and he didn't want me to ruin his lunch. WTF is that? I've never dealth with any customer service as bad as they are. It's true that their price is competitive. But their service SUCK! and they're not really helpful if you have problems with your order. I emailed them many times and they have never replied to it. Everytime I call, every 1 minute, that mean person put me on hold - over and over again.

Buy it from somewhere else, Goldmart doesn't deserve a business!!!!
Package was received today.

Was supposed to be delivered on Saturday, but since I had put my office as shipping address, it was rescheduled for today.

Haven't had time to open it yet, but will let you all know if things are not right. Otherwise assume everything was complete and packaged well.
Awesome news superhero. :beer:
Goldmart is having a sale to celebrate their re-opening in Nevada. Check out the prices on their website.
Just got that email too. Also looks like their live prices are back online.

The sale runs through Aug 14. (I think)
Those are some LOW premiums. Very tempted.

Silver Buffalos $0.59 over spot.
Silver Maples $1.79
ASEs $2.29
1oz gold bars $15

Even though they were terrible at communicating, they delivered everything as promised albeit 2 days late. Considering they were moving, hiring new people, getting a new price feed, I'm satisfied with their service.

Glad they took care of their existing orders before taking on a bulk of new orders. With their issues mostly resolved, I will definitely buy from them again.
FWIW, Goldmart is increasing their "minimum for free shipping" from $5,000 to $7,500. They are in the process of updating their website to reflect that.

Told them their front page still shows $5,000. They honored what's shown on the front page.

They're still one of the lower cost options out there, but this may change (slightly) my purchasing habits. May end up driving down to San Diego to visit some shops and avoiding shipping altogether.
Looks like their premiums on sorted 90% and gold maples have gone up from +$0.70 to +$0.79, and +$34.99 to +$38.99 respectively.
Yes,there moving to Carson City,NV wasn't a smooth experience.I've done several gold+silver purchases with them and they were great.I found a gold item I wanted
and they matched the price saving me $200..Their price was very low on that item
but I showed them a better price and it was a done deal
I am planning on doing a very large gold order with them soon--62.15oz of gold(2.2kg JM
bar for 62 oz in carded 1oz bars and couple of other items I want.
I won't do business with anyone else
Thanks for reading
Anyone know if Goldmart is having delivery problems? I ordered a few tubes of silver Maples and a few gold Maples early January. They still haven't shipped the order despite 10 business days passing since they cashed my check.

I "chatted" with one of their sales reps, and he said they were experiencing delivery problems with their gold Maple supplier.

Not sure what to make of it. True? Or is he blowing smoke up my skirt?

I've given them a decent amount of business in the past 6 months. May be time to try out a few shops closer to home.
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Could very well be that they are selling inventory that they don't have in stock (ie. on hand), but merely ordered from a supplier (or directly from the Mint). I'm not aware of any issue with supply problems with Maples, but it wouldn't surprise me to be honest.
I placed my 1st order with Goldmart on Jan. 2. All items ordered were listed as "In Stock, Ready to Ship". Received e-mail on 15th saying that " 2012 ASEs were not availible could they sub. 2013. If o.k. order would ship that week". I say no prob. I have yet to receive my order.
I have e-mailed them several times the last 2 days with no response. Called today and could not get anyone live to answer. They would put me on hold for several min. and then say to leave a message which was never returned.
I don't mind waiting as long as I know upfront. Needless to say I am very concerned.

edit: my order was all ag
Chigg - The US Mint could not keep up with demand for Silver Eagles. They suspended deliveries for ASEs to dealers until January 28:
The U.S. Mint has suspended sales of its 2013 American Eagle silver bullion coins after running out of stock due to soaring investor demand for the newly minted coins in the first two weeks of the year.

Sales to authorized dealers will resume on or about the week of Jan. 28 after the U.S. Mint has replenished its inventory, it said in an email to authorized dealers on Thursday. ...
Update: My order arrived at the post office this AM and is currently out for delivery.

It took a few "chats", but they always responded. Their communication may not be the best, but they're still one of the cheaper dealers out there.

That said, their premiums are increasing to the point where several other dealers I've been looking at (CNI in Los Angeles, and Liberty in Del Mar) might be cheaper depending on the mix of what and how much you order.
Avoid Goldmart

So, I stumbled on to this forum because I was trying to see if anyone else has been ripped off by
I order PM's 3 weeks ago and till today I have been told repeatedly that my shipment is going out tomorrow, tomorrow and again tomorrow. They do not have any inventory. They have items on the website that states in stock yet they are not. I was told by their manager Nick that their insurance has lapsed into a month to month and that they can not insure shipments. These guys are selling stuff they do not have. I believe they will end up like MF Global. I am about to start fraud proceedings against them.
Hi monster, welcome to the forum. :wave:

Did you by chance order Silver Eagles or Maples? Sorry to hear that you are having trouble getting your order. Please do let us know how your order gets resolved.
Yup, please let us know how that turns out.

I've bought from them 4 times in the past 6 months and they've come through so far. Slight delays in shipping and slow communications is the norm. But then again, I care more about cheap prices than quick delivery - after all, it gets inspected then stashed away never to be seen again.

As mentioned several posts above, I won't hesitate to buy from other stores if Goldmart continues to drop the ball.
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