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Tremendous call options buying in Hecla after an investor conference:
HL – Hecla Mining Co. – Call options on the largest and lowest cost silver producer in the U.S. are flying off the shelves, with shares in the mining company trading 5.85% higher on the day at $6.33 as of 12:10 PM on the East Coast. Hecla Mining Co. calls are most active at the Jan. 2012 $6.0 strike, where more than 58,000 in-the-money contracts have changed hands against open interest of 7,027 positions.
It appears most of the calls were purchased for an average premium of $0.63 per contract. The investor or investors responsible for the bulk of the buying activity may profit at expiration next month as long as shares in Hecla Mining top the average breakeven price of $6.63. Hecla Mining presented at the Wall Street Institutional Investor Conference in New York this morning. Shares in HL last traded above $6.63 back on November 15.

I don´t hold any postions in HL.