In Gold We Trust report from Incrementum

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Ive read them in the past Bug but the world is so upside down that gold going to negative prices would not surprise me ......

Still wouldnt sell and I might get a small regular income from the storage company, paying me for letting them store and insure it 🙃
2023 report is out (417 pages for the full report):
Introduction 4
Status Quo of Gold 19
Status Quo of Gold Relative to Stocks, Bonds, and Commodities 29
Status Quo of Debt Dynamics 44
Status Quo of the Inflation Trend 69
Status Quo of Gold Demand 97
Conclusion: Status Quo 107
The Showdown in Monetary Policy 118
Exclusive Interview with Zoltan Pozsar: Adapting to the New World Order 146
De-Dollarization: The Final Showdown? 161
The Rise of Eastern Gold Markets: An Impending Showdown with the West 187
Without State Intervention – China’s Historic Silver Standard 213
Shifting Narratives, Shifting World 222
Crack-Up Boom – The End of a Currency Regime 241
Showdown in Sound Money 255
Silver’s Time to Shine? 267
The Synchronous Bull Market Indicator 290
Mining Stocks – Fundamental and Technical Position 307
Life Cycle of a Mining Project 321
Responsible Gold Mining: Meeting the Growing Demand for Sustainability 333
Capex Comeback: A Raging Bull Market for Commodities Beckons 349
Exclusive Interview with Russell Napier: Save Like a Pessimist, Invest like an Optimist 363
Technical Analysis 377
Quo Vadis, Aurum? 388

They also have a 32 page summary of the report here:

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