India, well an interesting place to visit..., but they have gold!

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Sra. Bearing and I just got back and are severely jetlagged (forgive any spelling errors).

India has a really SKEWED income distribution, there are a few very rich and over a billion very pooor. They do still have (less though they tell me) cases of baby-maiming for begging and cases of elephantiasis.....

They also have (a bit hard to find, but I got one) gold coins. This one is from Tata's high-end jewelry store chain, it is a 10 gram coin:


Mt Everest from Nepal side, on Flight 101 of Buddha Air a couple of days ago:


India and Nepal are strenuous trips, even at the Five Star places, know that before you go....
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Buddha Air, flight 101

Does it even require a plane ?

I suppose an astral plane might do the job though (-;
None of your links are working for me, but it sounds like you had a fascinating trip. What I've seen of India from documentaries mirrors what you said - most of the country is dirt poor.
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