January 6 Insurrection

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This antifa goon

Breaking: BLM Activist John Sullivan ‘Jayden X’ Found Guilty on All Seven Counts for his Actions on January 6, 2021​

VERDICT: John Earle Sullivan, of Utah, found GUILTY on all counts, including dangerous weapon enhancement.Jury rejects his claim that he was acting as a journalist when he joined the mob at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6

What more proof does one need to show that the PTB are no longer in the driver's seat...?

I wonder if they'll have trials for the perps who fomented a fake insurrection to hide the steal of the Nov 3 election...?


I feel like we've known this for months but those with their heads up their Arses need ample and repeated evidence. They are just a bit slow.

"These Americans are POLITICAL PRISONERS suffering under the brutality of the Biden regime. "
WASHINGTON — A mother and son who aided in the theft of former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's laptop — whom online sleuths identified after the FBI mistakenly raided the home of another Donald Trump supporter in Alaska — were sentenced Wednesday.

Maryann Mooney-Rondon and her son, Rafael Rondon, were arrested in October 2021 after they were identified by online "Sedition Hunters" who have aided in hundreds of cases against Capitol rioters.

WASHINGTON — A member of the Proud Boys who stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, and shot at law enforcement officers this year after the FBI asked him to surrender was sentenced to two years in federal prison Wednesday.

Nathan Pelham, of Texas, pleaded guilty to a federal felony charge of possession of a firearm by a prohibited person. U.S. District Judge Ed Kinkeade of the Northern District of Texas imposed the sentence, according to court records.


Johnson is dropping internal audio of the higher ups of the CP while Jan6 was occurring.

He has 12 hours more still to upload.

Bring on the sauce!

This is treason. Documented. CONCEALED by the Jan6 Committee (Dems & 1 RINO).
Check the first thing shouted in the crowd:


Johnson admits he blurred faces of Jan. 6 rioters: 'We don’t want them to be retaliated against'​

House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-Louisiana) admitted on Tuesday that he made sure rioters' faces in newly released January 6 footage were blurred out in order to shield their identities from law enforcement.

"We're going through a methodical process of releasing [videos] as quickly as we can," Johnson said in remarks initially posted by C-SPAN. "As you know, we have to blur some of the faces of persons who participated in the events of that day, because we don't want them to be retaliated against and be charged by the DOJ."

"All of those tapes, at the end, will be out so Americans can draw their own conclusion," he added.


House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-Louisiana) admitted on Tuesday that he made sure rioters' faces in newly released January 6 footage were blurred out in order to shield their identities from law enforcement.
He probably means rioting 'Law enforcement' faces....

Well, that is an absolutely explosive video.

Note that the UNDERCOVER police officers who incited the crowd are clearly identified and named.

Who could possibly defend this as anything but government gone bad?
Watched her a little last night on MSNBC. Was interviewing about Liz Cheney & Cassidy Hutchinson. Here's a little.........

CNN is not a news outlet. It’s a propaganda front. The "reporter" only wants to push a narrative. No curiosity or interest in exploring anything else. She gets crushed with minor facts such as video showing where "Capitol police fired rubber bullets & explosives into a peaceful crowd who they then willingly later allowed to enter the Capitol."

The guy destroying the Lib narrative Jan6 lies even points out the Gretchen Witmer plot, where records have now proven it was an FBI-run fake.

Ep. 190: Hunter Indicted AGAIN; Trump Gag CONTINUES! RFK Ballot LAWSUIT! Sarah Silverman AND MORE!​

Viva/Barnes Law week in review.

00:00:00 Viva reviews his week.
00:13:00 Viva twitter fight. Poll & lead in to J6 discussion …
00:16:00 Barnes arrives. Freewheeling free speech.
00:41:00 Agenda & some Q&A.
00:48:30 Win for RFK in Utah. Primer on how candidates get on a ballot.
00:59:45 ⭐ Hunter Biden indictment. DoJ afraid Hunter will flip on Big Guy.
01:13:40 State Dept. sued by DailyWire. ⭐ Censorship Industrial Complex
01:23:10 Abortion case in TX.
01:32:45 Rumble rants & questions.
01:36:40 Trump. NY trial hears extraordinary evidence.
01:40:55 Trump. Seeks stay.
01:42:25 Trump. Most of gag order revoked.
01:49:15 Mexico Judicial Reform: Elections
01:51:45 J6 injustice. Guy got 11 years and was never in the capitol.
01:55:00 Gun dealers. 1st & 2nd Amendments intersect.
02:30:40 Sarah Silverman sues A.I.

Give this a listen

Everything You Know About The “QAnon Shaman” Is Wrong!​

Half the bogus charges against Trump are now in Jeopardy;

a 2002 law which stemmed from the Enron collapse which makes it a crime to obstruct or impede an official proceeding (like pulling a fire alarm to delay a vote?). The law has been invoked against Trump, along with 327 Capitol riot defendants - which an appeals court said the government could continue to invoke..
They never thought they'd lose control...

On #Jan6 I saw bad people doing bad things, good people doing good things, and otherwise good people doing really stupid things. This, on both sides of the police line. What I can’t find … is a single second of video of @CapitolPolice Officer Harry Dunn (@libradunn) doing a single thing he claimed to have done in his book, his Congressional testimony, or his trial testimonies.

You’d think … with the wealth of press photogs on the scene, MPD body cams, Capitol CCTV, and cellphone captures entered into trial discovery by @FBI and @TheJusticeDept … someone would have found at least one second of Dunn’s heroic, medal-earning, book-deal worthy deeds. Can any of the MSM journos who’ve fawned over him on their coffee talk programs show me the evidence you surely vetted him with? How about the OSINT @SeditionHunters? You’ve identified hundreds of offenders. Nothing on Dunn’s exploits against those very same violent insurrectionists?

@SpeakerPelosi? You gave him a medal. What did you see that prompted the award?

@POTUS Biden? Surely you saw something uber-heroic before you gave him a medal? Any testimony or validation from his fellow officers?

@CapitolPolice? What did you see - so special - you decided it was in the public interest to suppress Dirty Harry’s many disciplinary investigations? Especially the “terminable” offense of lying to his investigators, and the subsequent cover-up of his May 19, 2021 anonymous letter, along with the complicity of Rep. Jamie Raskin, members of the congressional press pool, Acting Chief Yogi Pittman, and USCP General Counsel Tad DiBiase?

Is that what triggered DOJ’s latest assault against my life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness? My discovery of this cover-up and its further entanglements to the Star Chamber convened to frame certain J6 defendants? (Hmmm?)

All the tagged aforementioned already know that I know much more. But I’m not the only one in possession of this information. Take me out, and ten more of me will emerge behind me. You’re going to lose this round of the war. Accept it, lick your wounds, and move on to the next battle.

Harry … your soul can still be saved. You know what to do. (Oh. You, SA Lazarus, and DOJ have never seen the video from which I took this screenshot? Damn. I wonder what else you’ve not yet seen?)

Coming soon on @theblaze. Stay tuned.
We live in a Police State. This is PROVEN by THIS SUPPRESSED VIDEO ALONE <- WHY?

The Government agents are identified without any chance of denial. The written proof testimony can be skipped over (but go back and read after you get pissed off by the video).

Remember: There are POW's held by the enemy since Jan6 and the follow-on government "sweeps".

Start at 2:39

Jan. 6 rioters the far right claimed were antifa keep getting unmasked as Trump supporters​

WASHINGTON — In nearly three years since a mob of Donald Trump supporters stormed the Capitol in an effort to overturn the 2020 presidential election, far-right figures have made a claim that flies in the face of reality: That the Jan. 6 attack was actually driven by far-left antifa activists dressed up like Trump supporters, or by federal agents dressed up like Trump supporters, or by some combination thereof.

The only trouble with the conspiracy? The feds keep arresting these supposedly far-left agitators, and the rioters' own social media posts and FBI affidavits show they're just Trump supporters.

"Suspected ANTIFA trying to break windows at the Capitol," wrote one Jan. 6 participant on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, in recent weeks, posting an old video that showed two black-clad men smashing at a window near the lower west tunnel, where some of the worst violence took place on Jan. 6.

Read the rest and see some cool pics here:

Lieu is a bleeding heart liberal

Screenshot 2023-12-24 at 10.54.19 PM.png

Screenshot 2023-12-24 at 10.59.06 PM.png
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