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Location: Dallas, Texas

Shipping: $10 on orders under $200, free for larger orders. All orders shipped with insurance.

Payment Options: Credit/Debit Card, Google/Apple Pay, PayPal, Paper Check, eCheck (ACH), Bank Wire, Bitcoin
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Placed an order last week, still have not received an email that they have shipped. I also placed an order at the same time with Northwest territorial mint and they are saying it won't ship till mid Feb. We'll see how it goes.
Got my order today. 2 weeks & 1 day from when I placed the order. Ordered a mix of Maples, Eagles and Philharmonics, all items arrived in good shape in the vinyl flips. Ordered a $10 bag of silver, came as all 1/4's (figured I'd get that or 2 rolls of dimes but a mix would have been nice) The roll did have 6 standing liberty 1/4's as well. Overall happy with the transaction. Also some of the Eagles and Maples I ordered were 2014's.
I'm sure they're a great company. Doing a quick google search, I see the Better Business Bureau rates JM Bullion an A-. They've had 33 complaints in the last three years. I see a lot of their problems are with product/service...

I'm in the process of finding a company now. I've been reviewing sites that review/rate companies based on the BBB, TrustLink, and other online complaint sites. is one that I used most. Just google company names and "company reviews." I've requested a gold info kit from 3 of GSI's top ranked sites and will choose one based on the attitude of whatever consultant that contacts me. I think that I'll have a good experience with pretty much any company that has an A rating or above as long as I see a low ratio of negative reviews on these consumer protection agency websites. 33 complaints just sounds like a lot more than necessary if they're doing great business? And there are a lot of companies out there with higher ratings. JMHO.
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a friend swears by them (FWIW). They called my house unsolicited once; after a while I gave the phone to my then six year old since he wouldn't back down. Put it on speakerphone; he got the point, told JonJon "you know what a credit card is? go get your daddy's wallet..." It was very humorous and done in an upbeat way. I was actually impressed....
Just noticed that they accept PayPal as a payment option. They also advertise free shipping on all orders within the USA.
Purchased by check 10 weeks ago to remove credit criminals cut.
2013 Pandas for holidaze and birthdays gifts.
Only online available with reasonable price, not like APMAXe$e$$es.
Wishing I had waited for lower prices, but 2013 Pandas all gone anyway.
At this point, I hope the price stays down until after the 2015's come out.
Poor man's wishes I dare say.
That is right, we are almost in 2015.
Holy CARP !
I take it you received your order and were happy with the transaction?
I take it you received your order and were happy with the transaction?

Received, packaged well, and no mistakes.

JMB was found by me after Gainesville Coins sent wrong year 2014 Pandas,

had no replacements, fought refund difference between 2013 ordered and

2014's sent and were indignantly self righteous. Disappointing after previous

I can't seem to access right now. Hopefully, it's just a temporary thing.

No difficulty from here. They have pre-order for the Canadian birds of prey.

Funny how the bald eagle is always shown as a predator, when it is

predominantly a scavenger. Our national bird fittingly so.
Ah, it's resolving for me now. Cheers.
Hey guys,

Been lurking around here for a little while, nice site with nice discussions! :)

I've ordered twice from JMB, both times making small orders just over $100 via PayPal and utilized the free shipping. I was satisfied with the products, prices, and shipping times on both complaints here..

Just wanted to give you guys a heads up if you haven't already seen- JMB's weekly sale this week is truly a good deal:

Lot of 10 2014 silver britannias w/horse privy, currently at $192.60 with check or $200.30 with CC/PayPal. I think that's an amazing deal. I've always liked the britannias and these are especially nice with the horse privy. It says they reserve the right to hike up the premium whenever they please if the demand gets too high. I locked in a large order of these when the price dipped to $17.51 and got a killer deal. I was afraid to hold out any longer incase they sold a ton of these and increased the premiums..

Anyone else pick any up?

I am indeed a real person, LOL. I'm also real mad at myself for jumping the gun on my order at JMB too because the price has dipped down over 50 cents since I placed it. I was expecting maybe a dime but not this. I pulled the trigger since I thought people would be buying these by the truckload and the premiums would fly up..

Oh well, I learned long ago not to sweat the small stuff, I still got a great deal and they will hold their value even at $15 an ounce. This just means I'll be looking to buy again this week :)
I made a pretty healthy order when spot was at about $17.40, and this is just encouraging me to get more. Even if it goes down to $10 and stays there a while, I won't complain, cause I can just stack more ozt's for the buck, and when the fiat currency goes the way of nothing more than a good way to get your fire going, the PM's will be as good as, well you know.
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ah $17 ........

I bought 50 kg when it was a bit below $40

Cos we were going to break JP Morgan ....... according to Max Keiser

good job I dont need to sell then (-:
ah $17 ........

I bought 50 kg when it was a bit below $40

Cos we were going to break JP Morgan ....... according to Max Keiser

good job I dont need to sell then (-:

Ouch, around $64k dropping to around $27K in value? That's a rough one to ride out. I started selling some of mine when it got to $30, then almost all the rest when it hit $40, and when it kept going I was thinking I really F'd up. When it got back to $27 & under (low enough to cover premiums of where I started selling at) I started buying more, when it gets much under $25 I figure it's a good deal, now at $17 I feel like I'm going to get caught doing something wrong buying that low.
Received Perth Lunar series 2015 order A+

Girlfriend bought US 5 oz 2012 Chaco Culture pancake.
The 5 oz Aussie Year of the Goat woops its backside.
One is a US coaster, the other a COIN.

JMB Canadian Wildlife series coins are a gamble, some clean,
others RCM typical milk stains. Not thrilled.

Money order price still rocks, and keeps poison out of transaction.

Next 2015 Pandas, $20 bucks apiece at current spot.

Any release date known? I see nada.

... $20 yeah right.
I prefer not to do the numbers 11CIP )-:

And Im paying Bullionvault to look after it )-: )-:

As for the gold ........... )-: )-: )-:
I'm not sure if this is the right thread, but wanted to share my experience of the system.
11/05 - placed order for a 1oz AU
11/05 used 'Wells fargo Billpay' to send money - big mistake
11/05 - Wellsfargo debited the amount immediately from my account
11/05 - Received email from wellsfargo that the check was sent to JMB and the latest the vendor(JMB) would receive would be on 11/12.
11/13 - JMB order status says 'Waiting for check'. A call to them repeated the same.
WellsFargo does not have any means to track the check. They said I can wait for a couple more days and issue STOP payment for a fee of $25, as if it was my mistake.

Anyone had similar experience?
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I've never paid that way, was actually thinking about giving it a try, but now I don't thinks so.
Wow. Note to self - Wells Fargo Billpay apparently sends check by stagecoach.
Just received an email update from JMB that they have received the check. PMBug effect ? :).
Received pre-ordered order today, on time.
Packed box in box bubble wrap taped.
Couple stacks of silver Pandas and 1 Canadian 1 1/4oz bison.
Bison appears much more clearly in hand.
I stare @ Pandas as they will go to several houses.
Fun unwrapping; now to wrap.

Interestingly enough APMEX pre-order will not ship until 12-12.
Hmmm, who's yo daddy?
Was less @ JMbullion as well, thank you.
Hope they are not fake. There is no .999 written on these...sarc.
I have had nothing but the best experiences and the most respect for JM Bullion. A trustworthy website and reputable company for sure.
I am relatively new to PMs but have been making up for lost opportunities the last few years, as best I can.
JMB is one of my top 3 internet resources. The delay when paying by check is not that bad, others are worse, by far. Many orders, many dollars spent and no issues.
Prices are good, free shipping on purchases of $100 or more (although their website says "free shipping on ALL orders", I have never ordered less than $100 to test it.
I would recommend JMB to anyone wanting to purchase PMs.
I forgot to add that like Provident, JM will give you the option of "e-pay" which is a direct debit from your selected account. No waiting for the check/money order to get there, no waiting for it to clear.
This option was given to me after I made several orders with them and I don't know how they determine who or when they give this option but it works well for me.
I have been dealing with JM Bullion for many years and have always received great pricing / service, fast pay system and tracking on time deliveries.

Several months ago I picked up a 5 oz Pony Express bar on sale for 119 fiats 😃 and I had the bar in my hands in three days.
Apparently, A-Mark acquired JM Bullion back in 2021, but I just learned about it today. AFAIK, the acquisition didn't change how they did business.

March 19, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A-Mark Precious Metals, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMRK) (A-Mark), a leading fully integrated precious metals platform, has closed its previously announced acquisition of the 79.5% of the issued and outstanding shares of JM Bullion, Inc. (JMB), a leading e-commerce retailer of precious metals, not previously owned by A-Mark.

“Today is a significant day for A-Mark’s and JMB’s employees, customers, partners, and shareholders, as we complete the acquisition of JMB and create the industry’s preeminent fully integrated precious metals platform,” said A-Mark CEO Greg Roberts. “As the anchor to our multifaceted direct-to-retail strategy, JMB enables us to more effectively capitalize on the growing demand for precious metals through online and e-commerce channels.”
In connection with the acquisition, JMB CEO and Co-Founder Michael Wittmeyer and Chairman Kendall Saville joined A-Mark’s board of directors. Mr. Wittmeyer also assumed the role of Executive VP of A-Mark’s Direct Sales segment, which includes A-Mark’s existing Goldline business.

Mr. Wittmeyer has entered into an employment agreement with JMB effective as of the closing, for a term ending June 30, 2024. ...

I once purchased a roll of Britannia's from JM that, per the tracking data, never got past the post office in their distribution point. They took care of it through their insurance company after 30 days had passed. Basically what they said was that their liability passed when they made the drop off at the delivery entity and I, as the consumer was more or less covered by the insurance company. They refused to provide the insurance carrier's name and, despite tracking updates showing the package never left the point of their distribution, would not send another roll.
L:et me be clear they did in fact make the transaction good but I had to wait a total of about 45 days from my original order/
I paid with a check so I was more or less at their mercy and while they made the purchase good I personally won't be doing business with them on a check basis. I have had great service from them in the past and have nothing bad to say but if something goes wrong with the shipping be prepared to wait additional time.
Just sayin...
I think that's standard. I had a UPS delivery go missing from an APMEX purchase about 2006 or so. Not only did it take about 6 weeks to get corrected they wanted me to tell UPS that it was machined parts that were lost.
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I've ordered a few things from JMBullion and always had a good experience. Packaged and delivered as expected.
I ordered a few things recently and received several emails from them - order received, package shipped, package arriving soon, package delivered. I received everything I ordered and it was packaged well with an indiscreet return label. I had the items in my hand in just a few days. I had ordered a couple of Perth Mint's Lunar series Year of the Dragon silver coins and they came in plastic capsules. The other items I ordered came in sleeves. It was a good experience over all.
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