Largest ever gold nugget found under English soil

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A veteran metal detectorist hit the jackpot when he turned up late to a group dig only to stumble across the largest gold nugget ever found in England after just 20 minutes of searching.

Richard Brock, 67, travelled three-and-a-half hours from his home in Somerset in May 2023 to join an organised expedition on farmland in the Shropshire Hills.

Despite his metal detector not in full working order, Mr Brock, who has been metal detecting for 35 years, discovered the biggest find of his life after unearthing a 64.8-gram (about 2.28 ounces) golden nugget.

It is now set to fetch at least £30,000 at auction and is believed to be the biggest find of its kind under English soil.


'Largest gold nugget' fails to sell at auction​

A gold nugget that is thought to be the largest found in England, has failed to sell at auction.

The 64.8g lump had a guide price of up to £40,000 placed on it, but bids reached just £12,000 before the online auction closed on Monday.

Unearthed in May 2023 near Much Wenlock, Shropshire, the nugget was found Richard Brock from Somerset.

Auctioneer Ben Jones, of Mullock Jones, said negotiations would now start with prospective buyers in an attempt to increase the price.


It's a rock, not the Holy Grail. I think they are expecting too much.
I have a friend who is a rabid detectorist. He saves everything he find and sorts it into pails. He can get so excited over what is really juts old junk. To him, this would be the Holy Grail!

But yeah, nuggets are worth about 2x their weight in gold.
Most of the time nuggets are the size of boogers or kidney stones. Have a nice day!
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