Mental & Physical Aspects of Alcohol & Drug Abuse

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Dec 31, 2023


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Jan 14, 2024


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humpht? been drinking for years, quit all the other stuff I dabbled in just becuz it got tiresome. did I do it for me? NO, did I do it for some one else? NO. thing is, is if I din't drink there would b a trail of bodies. in the wake behind me. Sometimes you have to imbibe as it just keeps the world turning. been working 4me so far.

I just put myself through 2 years of intense alkeyhal therapy. Brutal it was that half gallon every two to three days but i'm squeezing it down. though there was that one time....

yeah, it'been years since I'd been in a bar, and, and I sacked up and walked the tracks 3 miles into town to shoot sum pool. Had to take my portable accounting notes as some miscreants had entered into and had deprived me of various things. Well found out the shit sticks seen that cash and as I was working on that third whiskey I was in a fight. Seems the whiskey at the bar was mor powerful than the whiskey I had at home.

yep took one hour to get to the bar and took from 11pm till 3am to get home. Yeah, 4 hours of falling down, dam near got runn-did-ed over by a train all to stay ahead of the freaks that wanted that folding money. Yep, cops had them f'ers hung up at the bar and I was making tracks. Thank U Independence police 4 letting me have a handycap in that race.

Never even drank that third whiskey as I got salted on the first or second one. IF I ever go back to that bar I'll b seeing dead people.

Alkeyhaul ind't the problem....people are.....

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Feb 11, 2024


It's not just the alcohol, it's everything else that sucks itself onto your drinking​


Research shows lasting effects of smoking after quitting​

Researchers are still discovering how smoking continues to harm people's health even years after they quit, with a new study on Wednesday revealing tobacco's lasting effect on the immune system.

Despite the tobacco industry long fighting to conceal the dangers of smoking, tobacco is now known to kill more than eight million people globally a year, according to the World Health Organization.

But the myriad of ways the habit damages bodies are still coming to light.

The new study, published in the journal Nature, found that smoking alters the immune system, which protect bodies from infection, for far longer than previously thought.



Ever Wonder Why We Reach for a Beer When Life's on the Ups AND Downs?​

Feb 25, 2024

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