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TFR 238 Saving Your Nostalgic History While Serving with Jeff Nichols​

Mar 25, 2024
Jeff Nichols (https://www.performancefirstus.com) and Stew Smith https://www.stewsmithfitness.com created a fun podcast with this topic and share many of there keepsakes from the Teams, Boot Camp, and the Naval Academy.

Check out other videos of combat swimmer stroke, workouts, and other spec ops related training. See http://www.stewsmithfitness.com for more information about military, law enforcement, special ops, fire fighting training programs.

WOTR podcast, nothing to see, can listen in one tab, play around the forum in a different tab.


Iron Coffins - Part 32 | Commanding a German U-Boat during WW2 | Trench Diaries​


00:00 Intro
00:02 Intro & Community Appreciation
00:41 Member Shout-Out
01:06 Toulon
03:48 German Strategic Situation
05:16 Nightlife & Partying in France
07:26 Marseille
09:19 Frankfurt
10:58 At the Family Home
15:49 Neustadt & Command Course
18:37 Meeting Captain Wolfgang Lüth
18:54 Command Course
21:22 Receiving the first Command
22:06 Marika
25:22 After-Action-Report

Second Red Scare and McCarthyism - COLD WAR DOCUMENTARY​

Our series on the history of the Cold War period continues with a documentary on the Second Red Scare and McCarthyism, which was the period when the US was embroiled this video will describe the early part of the Nuclear race in the post-War period and how the USA managed to use the German scientists to gain upper hand.

Mining, gold, diamonds, political agendas in the third world sometimes means you'll see mercenary armies involved.

Executive Outcomes: A Mercenary Army For Hire In South Africa | The War Business (1997) | Full Film​

We uncover the bloody truth of the world's most successful private army, Executive Outcomes. Sent wherever mineral resources like diamonds or oil promise wealth, these mercenaries, trained as soldiers in apartheid-era South Africa and equipped with state-of-the-art weapons of war, sell their security services to the highest bidder and frequently leave a trail of destruction in their wake. And British interests are behind it all.


NATO - The largest military alliance in the world | DW Documentary​

Apr 4, 2024
Since 1949, NATO has shaped Europe‘s security policy like no other organization. Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty outlines the principle of "collective defense”. But is the world's largest military alliance ready to defend itself?

Marking the 75th anniversary of the founding of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, this documentary looks at the past, present and future of NATO. Among other things, it sheds light on vulnerabilities. For example, Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty is anything but binding. Unanimity among the member states is a prerequisite -- but by no means a certainty. And there are only partial guarantees in place when it comes to the speed with which troops and supplies must be delivered in extreme situations.

The film embarks on a journey across the Alliance's territory. The filmmakers visit Tallinn, in Estonia, where NATO's Cyber Defence Centre is located. From here they travel on to Ulm, in Germany, where the deployment of troops and supplies is organized. The next stop is NATO headquarters in Brussels, where political decisions are made. The film hears from high-ranking current and former NATO generals and security experts along the way.

With the help of international historians, the documentary also looks back on the 75-year history of NATO. Founded after the devastating experiences of the Second World War, the alliance’s architects wanted to deter enemies. But even more importantly, they wanted to secure peace among the alliance partners - not least out of fears of Germany regaining strength.

The documentary draws on previously unseen archival film material: NATO portraits of member countries filmed in the 1950s to give soldiers a better understanding of one another’s countries and thus enhance cohesion.

Important eyewitnesses, including Donald Trump's former National Security Advisor John Bolton and diplomat Wolfgang Ischinger, are featured. They provide context for recent NATO developments: How close was the US to leaving NATO in 2018? And what would the consequences have been? Was a promise really made not to expand NATO eastwards after the collapse of the Soviet Union? The film seeks an answer to this question, which continues to shape Russia's relationship with NATO to this day.


How the Soviet Union Opened to the World - Cold War DOCUMENTARY​

Apr 7, 2024
Our historical documentary series on the history of the Cold War continues with a video in on the Moscow Youth Festival of 1957 - the event that opened the Soviet Union to the world and allowed the leadership of the USSR to present a new side of the country to a wider public.


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Corsair Pilot | USMC VMF-213 in the South Pacific (1943)​

A narrated propaganda film presenting the life of Marine Corsair fighter pilots of VMF-213 deployed in the South Pacific during 1943.
It offers a glimpse of the life of pilots, mechanics and ground crews as they maintain and fly their machines, while also going about their daily lives on the Russell Islands (central Solomon Islands) during World War II.
Marine aviators featured in this film are George Defabio [De Fabio], Mr. Greg, Mr. Thomas, Mr. Garrison, Mr. Leary, Mr. McCleary, Mr. Votaw, and Mr. Winnia.


The Battle of Samar - Odds? What are those?​

In which a small force of escorts and small carriers face off against the biggest battleship the world has ever seen, plus all its friends.

And win.

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