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Location: Eagle, Idaho

Shipping: shipped insured, free shipping on orders >= $200, $8 flat rate on smaller orders

Payment Options: Major credit card, PayPal, BitPay (crypto)


This company seems to be a growing online dealer. They do not sell any numismatics - they are a straight bullion dealer. They also have a fully allocated (not pooled) bullion vaulting program for folks who don't want to take physical possession:
... The fee starts at just $96 per year and goes as low as 39 basis points (.0039) per year for holdings of $1,000,000 or more. Clients with $100,000 in value stored pay just $490 per year (.0049 x $100,000), for example.**

I have not done any business with them yet, but I think I will give them a shot next time I am looking to buy. The CEO is also the Chairman of the Sound Money Defense League which is doing some good work lobbying States on gold and silver tax policy.
I have purchased from them, but in the last 6 months I got better deals from Liberty Coin, BOLD, SD and Bullion Exchange. You can shop the specials to try and buy something as close to spot as possible. Lately the gold 100 coronas are available closest to spot. I also had luck with 20 francs and sovereigns. Best deal on 1oz bullion was random date Krugerrands from Liberty.
I have purchased from them, ...
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    Rating:   5.00 star(s)
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Easy to do business with, but shop around for lowest premiums. I did not buy any vault products because when you really need it the gold will not be immediately available. Plus there is no leverage and you must pay storage fees. They are very competitive on their vault products, but I am not in that market.
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