Review: Nationwide Coin &Bullion Reserve

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Location: Houston, TX

Shipping: ???

Payment Options: credit card/wire/check


I'd be surprised if I was the only one to have seen an ad for them. They are offering 1/10th oz AGE for $110 each. Minimum of 5 and I have read elsewhere, max at 10. Shipping costs are $40-$50.
I searched reviews and complaints and found one person who was too late, they sold out and he got the charge on his CC reversed. Everybody else got said deal. Some paid $115 each, some $120 each but they all got their 1/10th oz AGEs.
The complaints were of the upsell and some people ended up buying (and unfortunately over paying) for some numismatics.
My question is, has anybody here had any experience with them? Or know somebody who did?
I'm preparing to jump into this but it is a BIG gamble for me. Just doing my due diligence and asking around.
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Where are they advertising? In the NRA magazines? Seems like I see similar ads like that all the time in those magazines. I ordered a 1/10 AGE from a similar deal many months ago (not the same company name, but I suspect the same people [from Beaumont, TX I think?] are doing business as several different company names). I received the coin as ordered and tons of ads and phone calls followed. The deal is discounted to give them a new customer - your contact info so they can try and sell you more metal. It is what it is.

BTW, the 1/10 AGE is sooooo tiny! Seems like it would be very easy to lose if you aren't careful.
I bought some snake shot from and there was some flyers that came in the package along with their catalog.
The one in Beaumont is probably First Fidelity Reserve, mentioned elsewhere in this forum. Not that it makes any difference.
Yes, I am sure they do this to get your phone number and email addy to pester you until you buy some 1/4 oz AGE for $5K or some ridiculous thing but I do not buckle under high pressure sales tactics. One thing I cannot resist is getting between a half ounce and an ounce of gold at 10% below spot, for that I will endure some hassle.
It's surprising to me how many people complained about them for pressuring them to buy something that they themselves admitted they knew little about. "It's just not worth it" they say. Well, it is for me. Besides, I have ways of dealing with telemarketers ; )
When I get a call from an unknown number I do not make a sound until I hear a human voice that sounds like a regular caller wondering what is happening.
This causes most of the nuisance and cold callers to hang up and move on.

The rest I allow them just long enough to establish their reason for phoning, then hang up.

Many years ago I sold double glazing for a few weeks in between engineering jobs so I learnt to be a bit tolerant of people attempting to make a living from cold calling but those pre recorded computer driven call systems have rather killed any sympathy I might have had.
Got my tracking number today, will be here Monday. 10- 1/10th oz AGEs @ $110 each, plus $38 shipping.
It took them a month to get you a tracking #?

Congrats on the deal.
Naw, it took me a couple weeks to drum up the cojones to risk that much $.
They are pretty tiny, aren't they?
Revisiting this topic... I had occasion to visit their website today. They are selling 1/10 Gold Eagles at spot (quantity 5-10) with free shipping for new customers:

It turns out that Nationwide Coin and Bullion Reserve is not in Beaumont - it's not the same group that I had speculated about a year ago. They are actually on the north west side of Houston.
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Actually, they are in SW Houston. 2000 S Dairy Ashford.
I just checked their site and they are advertising 1/10th oz gold eagles for $126 each. I am not eligible for them because I bought from them last year, BUT...
I just bought 10-1/10th oz gold eagles for $125 each from another company advertising in the AARP newsletter.
Everything north of 610S is "north Houston" to me... :paperbag:
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