Nevada SC decision on Qualified Immunity

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Nevada Ends Qualified Immunity in Landmark Decision​

Jan 24, 2023

Mack v Williams Guarantees Access To Justice

The article was written BY Brandon Davis

On December 29, 2022, the Nevada Supreme Court released an opinion on the Mack v Williams case that essentially ended qualified immunity in Nevada. In a landmark decision, possibly one of the most impactful in Nevada’s history, the justices upheld the long-standing legal principle that a right does not, as a practical matter, exist without any remedy for its enforcement.

In layman’s terms: You can sue public employees when your state’s constitutional rights have been violated.

The implications are far-reaching and the number of lives that will be changed is untold. What we do know, however, is no one is talking about it. Sure, lawyers, public officials, and elected officials are talking about it…but behind closed doors.


Government overstepped it's bounds. It used to be public servants would respect those they served. Once that changed into domination over people it became oppression.
It's about time. This whole qualified immunity deal was bullshit from the start. Hopefully the lawsuits will start flying now and break these people who hid behind qualified immunity while trampling everyone else rights.

As some of you know I had a fried arrested last weekend. Hardest working guy I know. has. GF and between them 5 kids. Mortgage, truck payment, several cars and a bunch of toys, all paid for by a week paying job he has had for the last 15 years.
Got arrested for grand theft auto. Some other guy with same name is obviously who did this but somehow my friends SS number was used on this other guys file.. Hard to say how it happened to be honest and an odd thing about the case is it's marked secret. His attorney can't even get access to the file without a massive PITA going through the courts which he is in the process of doing.

All of this because his name popped on on a license plate reader the cops have in their cars. So this could happen to anyone.

I've known this guy since 2008 so no way this is him. We are pretty close friends too. This has been devastating to him. Has to get rid of all his guns, cant even have a beer, on probation until this is over before there is even a trial. Just a complete violation of so many rights.

Armed with this case, he can hopefully sue all parties involved, including the p[olice, judge, county and maybe even the state for implementing such a program without safeguard for honest hard working citizens.
This case pertains just to Nevada. It doesn't (directly) affect other states or federal cases. That said, I hope your friend receives due justice.
The hope is that this ignites a fire under some other lawyers asses around the country to start pushing things in the same direction. Lawyers love to sue and there is a huge amount of money in government coffers/gov insurance.
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