Nigel Farage dispensing more NWO truthiness (Brexit thread)

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... Nigel Farage told King World News, “They even want to get eurozone countries to change their constitutions, to write in their constitutions that they will obey all orders from Brussels.” Farage also warned “So it is very, very difficult to ignore those voices who have been telling me for 20 years that behind all of this there are a group of people that want to create a one world government ... it’s beginning to stare us in the face.”

... “We’ve reached a point in this where, despite the massive economic the massive economic, political, and social problems that exist within the eurozone, and indeed an argument that the North and the South of Europe are diverging by the day, despite all of that, the political class have got so much the upper hand in Brussels, that, actually, they are moving to more and more extreme tactics.”

“(This is being done) to lock countries in to a new form of government which is so far removed from any concept of liberal democracy that I think it’s quite frightening. So I really made the point yesterday (in Parliament) that all of these bailouts that we’ve seen, (were designed to have) they (the countries) get put directly under the command and control of the institutions of the European Union.

And frankly, their prime ministers become puppets. And in terms of the people that want to create the European state, they are delighted. They would almost like everyone to go bankrupt and then they are really in charge....

For those who can't listen to the .MP3 linked above, a partial transcript is available here:
It doesn’t matter how many people are starving or homeless. That doesn’t matter. The ‘Great European Project’ must continue. That’s why I have absolutely no hesitation in saying that I don’t just disagree with the architects of this European project, I believe them to be fundamentally bad and dangerous people.

...and what would you expect, in fact, from the army of governments ants - certainly, not critical thinking! If Mr. Cameron labels UKIP "a bunch of fruitcakes and racists", than what dilligent govt worshipers do - they "only do their job", of course!

But I totally agree, this is outrage, scandal, and that brainwashed figure from Social Serice, should be promptly removed. But AT BEST, we can expect that she will be redeployed (and this is AT BEST!)
New KWN interview with Farage:
Everything from George Orwell’s 1984 is coming into being
We just had the Queen tour the vault and it was fascinating the timing of that because there is this move to repatriate the gold, your thoughts on that?”

Farage: “Yes, that was a very symbolic move wasn’t it, the Queen doing that? To sort of feel that at least we’ve got some gold in this country. Yes, I’ve read and thought a lot and there are certainly several American commentators pointing out that there may well be, in terms of gold reserves and their reality, a huge fraud going on.

I don’t know. But I’m just struck that if you look over the last 10 to 15 years, the clever governments have been buying gold, and the idiots have been selling gold. And those that buy gold don’t just buy paper, they make sure they’ve physically got the stuff.”
The (UK) Tory party are genuinely concerned about the rise and rise of the anti euro UKIP party. Lots of em are now talking the anti euro talk as they start to prepare for the next election.

Nigels brilliant 90 second attacks always go viral and would seem to have become his trade mark. The rest of the UKIP party are completely unknown though .....

I wonder just how much impact these you-tube clips will have in future elections.
* bump *

Nigel Farage, the former Ukip leader who lives in south-east London, announced on Thursday that he's considering a run for London mayor in 2020.

The outspoken Brexit champion said such a move would allow him to "make arguments" on a high profile platform - and he thinks he has enough support to actually pull it off, beating out whichever candidate the Conservatives put forward.

Farage, who left the UK Independence Party in July 2016 - just weeks after the UK voted to leave the EU, will lose his spot in the European Parliament next month when that occurs next March.

Despite seven unsuccessful runs for parliament, Farage has been elected an MEP three times.

"I have been encouraged to [stand] by a group of people, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to,” he told the Financial Times. “I haven’t said no to it, I’m thinking about it."

Well, that would certainly be good theater.
Not NWO truthiness, but seems to fit this thread the best...

Nigel Farage has quit Ukip after 25 years in protest over new leader Gerard Batten's 'obsession with Muslims' and his appointment of Tommy Robinson as an adviser on 'Muslim rape gangs'.

'And so, with a heavy heart, and after all my years of devotion to the party, I am leaving Ukip today,' he wrote in The Telegraph. 'There is a huge space for a Brexit party in British politics, but it won't be filled by Ukip.'

Former Ukip leader Nigel Farage has endorsed a new pro-Brexit party as he vowed a return to frontline politics if Britain doesn’t leave the EU on March 29.

The MEP for the South East was approached last week by former activists for Ukip who have applied to register the Brexit Party with the Electoral Commission.

Former Ukip economics spokeswoman Catherine Blaiklock has applied to register the new party, according to The Sun on Sunday.

The paper said that Mr Farage had been sounded out as a possible leader.

He told the paper: "This was Catherine's idea entirely - but she has done this with my full knowledge and my full support.

"If the Government goes back on its word and betrays the millions of people who voted for Brexit then we need a party prepared to stand up and fight for it.

"I'm fully prepared for Article 50 to be extended or revoked and if that happens, I will re-enter the fray."

That would be some theater for sure.
The man was born without a filter, and when he speaks, he speaks his mind without favor. The world could use a lot more men like him.
British MEP and prominent Brexit campaigner Nigel Farage is on course to defeat the U.K.’s main political parties at next month’s European Parliament elections — unless the country’s quarreling MPs can strike a deal to leave the bloc quickly.

Farage’s newly formed Brexit Party has a strong lead over both U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May’s ruling Conservatives and the opposition Labour Party, according to influential pollsters — suggesting the British public are angry and frustrated at their elected leaders’ inability to deliver Brexit on time.

The U.K. recently secured a six-month extension to the Brexit process, to October 31, to give parliamentarians more time to reach a consensus on exit terms and avoid a potentially damaging no-deal scenario. But if May and opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn cannot strike an accord before May 22, the U.K. will have to take part in European elections.

A leading YouGov poll found Farage’s party is favored by 27% of voters, with Labour on 22% and the Conservatives on 15%.

NIGEL Farage opened up his Brexit Party’s PayPal account last night — to reveal 60,000 paid-up supporters in just nine days since its launch.

Fed-up voters have stumped up £1.5million, joining at the rate of one every 30 seconds and boosting coffers by £50 a minute.

Last night the former Ukip leader boasted he will soon have more backers than the “dying” Tory party and be set to change the face of British politics.

He said: “I’m getting a good vibe just by looking at the sheer numbers who are joining us. I’ve been reading their letters and emails. They feel let down

“We’re going to field 70 candidates in the Euro elections but it won’t stop there. This is now a long-term commitment we’re taking on and we’re going for it.”

Unlike the main political parties, nearly every penny of funding comes small donors. He logged on to the PayPal account to let us see the range of people paying £25 to become registered supporters — with 15,811 joining on launch day alone.

Mr Farage reckons that by polling day on May 23 the party will have overtaken the Tories’ 120,000 members. He said: “Our critics can’t believe this is happening.

“There are no concessions for young or old. No £3 membership fee like Labour. It’s a flat rate — and people are still joining. It shows the huge appetite there is.”
And this newly minted party is already leading in the polls for voting intention in the upcoming european elections which we ( UK ) will take part in cos well, we havent left ...

And if the pols dont get the message there will be a fascinating seismic shift at the next UK general election.
I am really heartened by this response to Farage's new party.

Hopefully it will shut down discussion about having another referendum but I am beginning to wonder if we shouldnt all demand one (-;
Hopefully it will shut down discussion about having another referendum but I am beginning to wonder if we shouldnt all demand one (-;

I was really wondering about that. I haven't really been following news media as much on this story as I should. Chatter from the (American) peanut galleries that I frequent are strongly biased against Brexit so they tend to discuss news through that filter and I really don't have a good sense of where the British people stand on the issue. If these reports of support for Farage's brand new party are correct, it would appear that "Leave" is still too significant to ignore.
Is Ann Widdecombe anyone of significance in UK politics?
Tory stalwart Ann Widdecombe hopes to give 'cloth ear' MPs a bloody nose after she sensationally defected to Nigel Farage's Brexit Party today and said her new leader should be on a pedestal with Margaret Thatcher.

The former minister, who was a Tory member for 55 years and appeared on Strictly in 2010, has put retirement on hold because she believes Theresa May and Parliament have betrayed the 17.4million who voted to leave the EU.

Paying tribute to the former UKIP leader's political record she said: 'Nigel Farage has been more successful than any politician other than Margaret Thatcher in my lifetime in getting his agenda through, and he's done this from outside Westminster'.

She has pledged to 'campaign vigorously' for the Brexit Party in the upcoming European elections in May and will stand against Boris Johnson's sister Rachel and Jacob Rees-Mogg's sister Annunziata in the South West.

She told Good Morning Britain: 'I'm on a mission. We need to send a seismic shock to both parties that the electorate have had enough. Just get it done. The cloth ears in Parliament are not hearing us. If we win an overwhelming majority this will send a shock wave and MPs will have to listen. This is not a protest vote, far from it. It is a means of trying to galvanise Westminster into getting this issue dealt with'.

The 71-year-old has joined Mr Farage's new party to try to get Britain out of the EU - and hopes that more big names will defect from the Tories and Labour.

Anne Widdecombe was a big name in a previous Tory parliament. She 'tells it like it is' and I believe this was why she didnt get further up the food chain at that time.
I think she was still a minister when she went on a TV programme called 'Srictly Come Dancing' where she was able to project her true personality more openly and everybody loved her ( apparently ..... I have not had a TV for 10 years )

Her speaking out like this will really hurt the incumbent minority Tory Party and adds energy to my speculation regarding a seismic shock at the next general election.
BREXIT SHOCK: Farage party SOARS in EU Election vote with FIVE POINT boost - latest polls

NIGEL FARAGE'S Brexit Party has soared into a six point lead over nearest rivals the Labour Party, according to the latest polls.

By Thomas Mackie
PUBLISHED: 11:47, Sun, Apr 28, 2019 | UPDATED: 13:11, Sun, Apr 28, 2019

In a major blow to Theresa May's faltering party, the Tories are now down to 13 percent - 15 points behind the Brexit Party. Labour is currently on 22 percent while Remainers Change UK are tied with the Green Party on 10 points. The Lib Dems have seven percent while Ukip is on five percent.
The pollster asked 5,412 people of their European Parliament Voting Intention.

Research was carried out between April 23 and April 26.
Londoners and 'foreigners' would seem to be the populations in favour of being told what to do by unaccountable Brussels bureaucrats.
I would be happy for Scotland and Wales to take themselves off and pay their own way and London is not really representative of a stable English community. Its full of foreigners and young people chasing the elusive fast buck. Good luck to em all but they can just as easily chase the dollar in a European capital.

But what will happen to property prices they all ask in horror ? ............
Heh, perhaps they would become affordable to regular folk who want to work and live in London. They might even have children and populate the schools (-:
According to YouGov, Mr Farage’s party are now polling on 30% - an increase of 2% from the previous poll.
I was out of town for a business conference last week. There was a lot of news related to May, Farage, Brexit and such. Events were happening fast. Unfortunately I wasn't able to keep up with it here.

As it stands now, May is stepping down and Farage's Brexit party looks to win big in the EU election. An effort to put a second referendum forward appears to have been killed.

The Tories will choose a new Prime Minister by July.

Boris Johnson is the front runner, far and away.
An EU official said the “almost consensus analysis” was that May would be replaced by a hard Brexiter. “Mentally we have to prepare for a different breed on the other side of the table,” one senior official said. “The Tory party will be in survival mode and in order to survive it will have to regain credibility as the party of Brexit.”
Nigel Farage claims he's being targeted for political persecution by being unbanked:

You can still go underground to live off the grid with a pocket full of gold and bucket of silver. I imagine when the SHTF and your skin is much lighter than most others in the community you may stand out when getting whatever you want for an ounce of 90% silver.
Looks like Nigel still has friends in the government:

Former minister Sir Jacob Rees-Mogg is pushing for a new law that will make it more difficult for banks to shut down people’s accounts.

It comes amid ongoing suspicion that banks have been closing customers’ accounts over their political exposure or views.

Mr. Rees-Mogg, a Conservative MP and GB News presenter, told The Telegraph that while banks have the right to block accounts, “they are doing this in far too many cases.”

With the declining of cash, an individual without a bank account is effectively a “non-citizen” or a “non-person,” he said.

According to the report, Mr. Rees-Mogg will propose an amendment to the Digital Markets Bill, that aims to stop banks from discriminating against clients.

The amendment would also compel banks to inform customers why their accounts would be closed within 30 days of their decision and give customers the right to demand compensation, the report said.

This debanking/unbanking business is going to be so much easier (and powerful) once CBDCs roll out.
Nigel Farage had his bank accounts shut down with the high-net-worth bank Coutts after officials decided the former conservative politician’s views did not align with the bank’s values, it has emerged.
In a 40-page dossier Mr. Farage acquired via a subject access request, Coutts made it clear that his conservative views were problematic for the bank, citing Brexit no fewer than 86 times, and his support of Donald Trump who is mentioned 39 times.

The minutes of a meeting of Coutts’ wealth reputational risk committee held on Nov. 17 last year stated that Mr. Farage is “seen as xenophobic and racist. He is considered to be a disingenuous grifter. Being associated with Nigel Farage presents a material and ongoing reputational risk to the bank.”

The bank does not state who “sees” Mr. Farage in this fashion, or why this individual or social group holds weight in a decision on whether or not to provide a British citizen with a U.K. bank account. It should be noted that Mr. Farage has won elections in Britain as the leader of a political party, namely the European parliamentary elections with the Brexit Party in 2017, and wields considerable public support.

Executives at the bank agreed that Farage, because of his political views, should be “de-banked.”

Farage has taken Coutts and NatWest out to the woodshed for an education, with more to come... Me thinks they debanked the wrong guy.

The City watchdog says it has found no evidence to suggest politicians' bank accounts are being closed primarily because of their views.

The findings by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) follow a row over threats to close the Coutts account of former Ukip leader Nigel Farage.

Mr Farage, who claimed his account was being shut over his views, told the BBC the findings were "total nonsense".

The FCA stood by its findings but said it would be making further inquiries.

The government said free speech was "a fundamental human right".

"While no bank, building society or payment firm reported to us that they had closed accounts primarily due to someone's political views, further work is needed for us to be sure," said FCA boss Nikhil Rathi.

The watchdog's investigation looked at data from 34 banks and payment companies covering the period from June 2022 to June 2023.

It said it had reviewed a number of cases where political views or other opinions were cited as a cause for closing an account.

But in none of the cases was this the main reason, with customer behaviour, such as the use of "racist language directed towards staff", most often to blame.

However, the watchdog acknowledged its findings had been "gathered from firms at speed" and said it would be doing "further work" to verify the data.

Responding to the report, Mr Farage called the findings "absolutely farcical".

"To suggest no one gets debanked for their political views is total nonsense," he said, adding that there were "dozens" of examples of where this had happened.

"It's very difficult to believe the FCA can say this and I can only conclude that they're part of the problem, rather than part of the solution," he said.
Last month, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt called on the regulator to speed up its probe in the wake of the row.

In a letter to the FCA, he asked it to "urgently investigate" whether account closures for political reasons are widespread.

The Treasury has also announced plans to subject UK banks to stricter rules over closing customer accounts.

Commenting on the FCA's report on debanking, the Economic Secretary to the Treasury, Andrew Griffith, said: "Everyone must be able to express their lawful opinions without fear of losing the vital access to a bank account.

"We have already acted to force banks to explain and delay any decision to close an account to protect freedom of expression - meaning customers will have a 90-day notice period and a clear explanation for any account closure. That will be backed up in legislation this year.

"We note the initial report of the FCA. Clearly there is more to be done to validate the submissions by banks and to ensure that the FCA have thoroughly followed up debanked customer perspectives."

When Coutts decided to close Mr Farage's account, he said it did not give him a reason.

Mr Farage subsequently obtained a document looking at his suitability as a Coutts customer, which included minutes from a meeting in November last year reviewing his account.

It confirmed that Mr Farage had fallen below their publicly available commercial criteria to be a customer.

However, the 40-page document also flagged concerns that he was "xenophobic and racist", and raised concerns about the reputational risk of having Mr Farage as a client.

It said that to have Mr Farage as a customer was not consistent with Coutts' "position as an inclusive organisation" given his "publicly stated views".

NatWest has since announced an independent review, with lawyers looking at the decision to close Mr Farage's account and other instances of customers losing Coutts accounts.

Dame Alison Rose, chief executive of NatWest Group, quit after saying she had made a "serious error of judgment" in speaking to a BBC journalist about Mr Farage's Coutts account.

The boss of Coutts, Peter Flavel, also quit due to the row.

In August, it was reported that Coutts had reversed the decision to close Mr Farage's account.

The BBC had initially reported the ex-MEP's account was being closed because he no longer met the wealth threshold for Coutts, citing a source familiar with the matter.

The BBC has since apologised to Mr Farage for the inaccurate story.

The FCA "investigated" by asking the banks, "did you fuck up?" The banks said, "no, we didn't fuck up". The FCA said, "good enough for us, let's release a report and announce that all is well." Lulz. Something something fox and chicken coup.

Here's the FCA report:

Backlash brewing:
The City watchdog has “serious questions” to answer after overseeing what has been dubbed a “whitewash” review into the recent debanking scandal, MPs have said.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) claimed that it found “no evidence” that customers have been debanked for their political views after conducting a weeks-long review into the matter.

The inquiry was prompted by the revelation that Coutts had threatened to close Nigel Farage’s account because of his beliefs. The FCA looked at the period between July 2022 and June 2023.

However, officials admitted they did not examine Nigel Farage’s case at Coutts.

Asked about Mr Farage’s case, one senior regulator at the FCA said there was a “high-profile example” that was being looked at separately by the bank involved, adding that the case “fell outside of the reporting period”.

The admission prompted an immediate backlash from politicians and some in the City who accused the City watchdog of failing to conduct a thorough review.

One minister told The Telegraph: “It’s a whitewash. But we shouldn’t be too surprised that the body charged with preventing debanking has failed to find evidence of it and be self-critical.”

Mr Farage called the review “a whitewash and an absolute farce”, and said: “We need wholesale change of the personnel running the FCA.”

Danny Kruger, a Conservative MP, said on Twitter: “[The FCA] simply asked banks if they were guilty without asking those who thought they might be victims to come forward. We now need to ask serious questions about the FCA itself.”


Brits in France: Escaping Brexit chaos | DW Documentary​

Apr 6, 2024
More and more Brits are leaving the Brexit chaos behind -- and seeking their fortunes in France. But their home nation’s exit from the European Union means they now face a plethora of bureaucratic hurdles.

Nicola and Graham Parker live in southwestern France: Irritated by the economic crisis and Brexit chaos, they sold their house in England and bought an old country estate in Montignac-de-Lauzun. They’re among some 9,000 Brits who’ve relocated to the Dordogne.

But Britain’s exit from the bloc is complicating the transition. The couple must now navigate a whole host of bureaucratic hurdles, all of which require time, money and strong nerves. They have to apply for a residence permit, demonstrate language skills and pass citizenship tests. As for the locals, some resent the presence of the Brits in their villages.

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