NY Times propaganda backfires?

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What happens when America’s purported “paper of record” promulgates an unabashedly biased hit piece against Bitcoin’s so-called “climate impact”, replete with shoddy reporting, wrong data, logical fallacies and even doctored photographs?

The public, fed up with being spoon-fed increasingly nonsensical propaganda under the guise of “news” turns the spotlight back on the outlet, highlighting the New York Times very real destruction of habitats, ecosystems and life giving, carbon reducing trees.


"Tree Slaughterhouse" great material. Only way the NYT could respond is to say their print business is at all time lows less trees being killed, but then they would be admitting business sucks. They look boxed in should have kept their mouth's shut.
Didn't want to start a new thread, piece of garbage here is covering for his friends. Blaming crpytos for the SVB collapse instead of the obvious, rising interest rates lower bond prices.

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