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It is about time we had a thread dedicated to the red headed step child of the precious metals world; palladium.

I will kick things off with a good article on the subject:

1) Rising industrial demand
2) Global short fall between newly mined ounces and consumed ounces
3) Has lagged behind the other 3 precious metals in the price upswing in recent months

Hi benjamen,

not to discourage you, but IMHO, it is not worth the effort, to go for any "exotics", I think there is enough HUGE potential in the two "mainstream" PMs, Mr. Au & Mr. Ag. When the sheeple finally woke up, they will rush into these two, and things like Pd, Pt, will probably (again, IMHO) lag somehow behind.

Remember, industrial demand, and even supply on any of the PMs, has surprisingly little impact on it's final price. I would risk saying, it will have negligible impact on the metal's price, in the later stages of the bull run/final bubble. In my opinion, one would be better served if focused on these metals, which have the greatest potential to attract most of the capital inflow, when financial panic ensues..

The more "exotic" metal is, the less likely it is, to get comparable recognition, thus it is less likely it will perform as well.

Just my $.02
Somebody banged (manipulated) the Zürich close in palladium today. Zürich is a large European tading hub for palladium. That's a 1.5% drop withing a very short period of time arround noon EST:

More coverage on palladium:

In a really late response to bushi:
I agree that palladium is risky and I wouldn't advise more than 5% of your stack allocated towards the metal. In a crash, gold (and platinum in some cases) are usually the most in demand PM since it is widely recognized and concentrates wealth easier than silver. However, palladium benefits from inflationary forces and rising industrial demands. It does well in the event we don't crash.
I read it causes some irritation to the skin and some people are allergic to palladium. So far I haven't bought any...

I should have bought rhodium at 450-480 $ in 2003-2004 and could have sold that for 9,000 $+ before the big crash happened!

I like these additional metals, because if gold and silver get cheaper, they don't necessarily follow them. If you own some platinum now, beside your gold, you're a happy man! Platinum prices (and palladium as well) stayed "quite" the same as before April...
I've often been tempted to get some palladium, it's in a tweener price range when looking at silver compared to gold and platinum, but also see it as kind of an exotic that if things went sideways how many people would think all the whitish metals are just silver. I also am perplexed about the industrial uses of metals not increasing prices. Is it just manipulation or is the industrial use really so negligible as to not have an effect? When both industrial use and demand for bullion/coins is going up I have to think its manipulation keeping the prices low (not that I don't mind getting a bargain). It reminds me of synthetic diamonds. I know early on they couldn't make them nice enough to compete with natural diamonds but in the last few years they have the ability to make them just as nice if not nicer than natural, but De beers have some how managed to get these companies not to flood the market with synthetic diamonds for jewelry purposes and drive the price down. So we have one field where you could drive the price down, but it's being kept artificially high, and another where price should be skyrocketing and it's staying down.:doodoo:
And scientific advances could alter demand .........

Too risky for me cos I actually believe that things like graphene and the world of nano tech has huge potential.
It's the same thing with rhodium, although those price swings are a lot crazier, it seems like it should have at least a semi stable chart with how much is used in cars and to coat other metals, but it will go from a couple hundred bucks up to 10K then back down. Crazy stuff.

Palladium crosses $800 today.

I have a small physical position in Pd. Enough to keep me watching it. I am up enough to cover my small physical (?) Bitcoin experiment, so it's all good.

Palladium crosses $800 today.

I have a small physical position in Pd. Enough to keep me watching it. I am up enough to cover my small physical (?) Bitcoin experiment, so it's all good.

bitcoin experiment :flushed::rotflmbo::pffftt::popcorn:

Its not bounced back so quickly after its most recent beasting

like its starting to behave more like PM's ?

Feel for the poor early adopters who cashed some out to buy that Tesla and now have to pay tax on their gain from the seriously devalued remainder ....

yeah, rblong2us, I now am wondering whether or not to take the lure, the Sucker's Bet:


But, I did buy some Au and Pt over the past couple of weeks. Maybe I will just wait until I get another Sales Report from Peru before deciding what to do...


Today I also bought a Pd Maple, $850 (about 8.3% over spot), Pd is not as easy to find as gold, so that would explain premium. I just like the diversification of Pd. The volatility makes it fun to watch as well.

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