Peaceful Transgendered epitaph with a Battle Axe! at 7 Eleven

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Looked for a little more info.

This happened about five years ago in Australia.

The perp got 9 years, and tried attacking two other people after leaving the store.

Here is how the perps lawyer described why it all happened.

......after becoming a woman, she had increased her cannabis use and took both antidepressants and female hormones.

However, he said Ms Amati was “dead set against any amphetamines” and had “unwittingly” taken some on the night of the attack which adversely affected her.

On the night, three types of “feminising hormones”, cannabis, MDA and alcohol was “a toxic mixture on a fragile mind” which had resulted in “a gory, gory scene

It was those damn feminizing hormones mixed with the devils weed! Lol
.....and a lil' (just a little bit lol) of amphetamines that "accidentally" got invested. Lol

Dude shoulda been glocked . . .oh wait, they gave up their guns in australia. nevermind.
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