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A few weeks back I saw an advertisement from Penn Metals for Morgan Silver Dollars at what seemed like a good (not great but good) price. I ordered 10 because I wanted to have a few on hand and possibly use them for Christmas gifts to my grandkids.

I got 10 different dates from 1880 to 1904. For being 112 years and up old they were good, some wear but no damage.

As I was unpacking the other envelop inside I pulled out a heavy-duty clear plastic bill holder with what appears to be a free gift - a Series 1935 C $1 Silver Certificate. Well worn but intact with no tears or heavy folds. Probably not really valuable but I thought it was a nice freebie.
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Nice to hear customer appreciation is not dead.
Thanks for the tip on Penn. I'm always looking for a new source.
I have looked through their site, prices are competitive, free shipping and no minimum purchase.
Competition is a beautiful thing.
actually weve not heard from Penn for quite a while ...........

Hope he's ok and that his meds havent finally 'fixed' him )-:
I actually had not heard of them before. Thanks for the reference. Here's their website:

Looks like they based out of Dallas, Texas. Another Texas based dealer. So glad Texas finally did away with that State sales tax on PMs.
IMO, these limits that some states put on PMs is ALMOST as bad as taxing wages. It only hurts the little guy. I believe in Texas it is under $1000 is taxed, in California it's anything under $1500.
Truly an unfair tax. But if you watch any of Mark Dice's videos, where he does things like offer people on the street a choice of a 10 oz silver bar or a Hershey chocolate bar and he is left at the end of the day with his 10 oz silver bar and no chocolate... I guess there are scant few who realize this, let alone even know about it.
BTW, I just checked and it looks as though Texas STILL has a sales tax on PM sales under $1000.
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Texas eliminated the sales tax on gold and silver back in 2013:
Landmark legislation, which went into effect Tuesday in Texas, completely eliminates all taxation of precious metals on the grounds that gold and silver can be considered a currency.

As of October 1, the sales tax levied on purchases of gold, silver and platinum bullion and numismatic coins in Texas is now eliminated. It is the first time that a state has expanded an existing sales tax exemption for gold and silver.

Previously, Texans were paying 6.25% on all precious metals purchases under $1,000, a tax that was considered especially burdensome to small investors. Gov. Rick Perry signed H.B. 78 into law on June 14.
I just placed my first order with PennMetals, we'll see how they do. One thing that impressed me, I could pay with an echeck on my first order. JM and Provident offered this after a few months of ordering.
15 days and 2 calls to customer service only to be fed bs by incompetents. If anybody at Penn reads this, you need to train your customer service people a LOT better and improve the process because it's not working correctly.
15 days from order to delivery, comparatively, I placed an order with Provident while waiting for the Penn order to be processed and it only took 4 days from order to delivery, also an echeck payment.
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They are dead. Not much else to say.
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