Poker pro Tom Dwan calls down bluff for $3.1M, largest pot in broadcast history

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Tom Dwan knows when to hold 'em.

The poker pro made history Tuesday night, calling down multiple bets from self-proclaimed cryptocurrency millionaire Wesley Fei for a $3.1 million pot, the largest ever seen on TV or a live stream.

The game was no-limit Texas hold 'em cash with a $1 million minimum buy-in. It was streamed on Hustler Casino Live from Los Angeles and featured some of the biggest names in the game including Dwan, Doug Polk and Nikhil Arcot, aka "Nik Airball."


Tough call. I definitely wouldn't have been worried about the 8's there. He wouldn't 5 bet with A8 or 89 suited. AA or KK was very possible though.
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