Review: Portsmouth Coin Currency Co Daniel Malone


Locations: Portsmouth, Ohio

Shipping (USA): $5 flat rate. not sure about insurance

Payment Options: Paypal/Venmo online via shopping cart
Credit Cards, Checks and Money Orders via phone only


I want to give a thumbs up to Daniel Malone of PCC in Ohio. I emailed him cold turkey about a trade of some numismatic Lincoln cents I had and wanted to trade for bullion. He was forthright and generous, doing a trade with someone (me) he had never met before.

I had a quantity of Lincoln cents that would have taken me many months (years?) to market locally and wanted to convert them to bullion that I can readily market here in fly-over country. He treated me fairly. He is a coin dealer with the utmost integrity.

- Farp
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Yes. It is:

He has national recognition due mostly to the many u-tube videos he does. Many are instructional, but most are just good coin information. His tube channel is CoinHelpu. He has dozens of excellent videos. That's how I happened upon him initially. Here is a good example:

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