Project 2025 - The Presidential Transition Project

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I skimmed it. They aren't endorsing commodity money as a primary goal. At least they gave it some consideration though.
I skimmed it. They aren't endorsing commodity money as a primary goal. At least they gave it some consideration though.

That was my take on it as well.

For the MSM to react the way it has, it shows how far removed they are from being a news reporting organisation.
Briefly looked through it. Didn't care too much about what I saw. Will spend more time on it later.

Here are some talking points from someone who has read it. If you listen or watch, take it fwiw and dyodd.

The Roads to Project 2025....​

The vid is from Sep 7, 2023 and worth 8 minutes of your time.

-- A look at Project 2025 and Agenda 47, which if implemented after the potential election of Donald Trump in 2024, would turn the United States into a dictatorship, with Trump as the dictator

The article is from Sept 7, 2023 and worth a read.


In this vid Thom talks about Trump possibly being an actor being told what to do by people who hold big bucks. I found it interesting. Then again, it's an opinion piece so take it fwiw and dyodd.

Project 2025 Secret Plan Reveals Who Holds Trump's Leash!​

Jun 20, 2024 #MoreFromThom #Project2025 #DonaldTrump

In less than a month, Republicans will meet in Milwaukee to crown Donald Trump as their Emperor King and Sun God. But the real powers behind the GOP — the billionaires and their institutions that created Project 2025 as a how-to manual to convert American democracy into something like the old Confederacy — don’t much care about poor old Donald.


Rather read? Here ya go...............

Interesting interview with professional bull shit artist Kevin Roberts who make no bones about wanting to screw America every way but loose.

Top Project 2025 architect talks conservative blueprint for Trump second term​

Jun 22, 2024 #Project2025 #Trump #2024Election

President of the Heritage Foundation, Kevin Roberts, joins The Weekend to discuss Project 2025, the conservative blueprint for a second Donald Trump term.


Right-Wing Think Tank Leader Promises Revolution, Warns of ‘Bloodshed'​

Kevin Roberts, the president of the Heritage Foundation, is talking up revolution and the prospect of "bloodshed" in the wake of the Supreme Court's decision placing the president outside the reach of criminal law.

The Heritage Foundation is the once-staid think tank that, since Roberts' arrival in 2021, has leaned into the culture wars with gusto. The group has organized the infamous Project 2025, mapping out an extremist agenda for a prospective second Trump term.

Roberts spoke Tuesday on the show Real America's Voice with guest host and former Tea Party congressman Dave Brat, and uncorked comments that made him sound like a member of the Oath Keepers militia.

"Let me speak about the radical left," Roberts said, insisting it "has taken over our institutions." He said that the reason progressive are "apoplectic right now" - in the wake of the Supreme Court decision granting the president immunity from criminal prosecution - "is because our side is winning."

Roberts then declared himself an insurrectionist who is open to violence: "We are in the process of the second American Revolution," he said, "which will remain bloodless if the left allows it to be."


Opinion piece, mariner's point of view.

Which President will save the American Merchant Mariner?​

Jul 4, 2024 SAN DIEGO

In this video, we delve into Project 2025, a conservative initiative by the Heritage Foundation aimed at reshaping the U.S. government, and explore its potential effects on the maritime industry. We'll break down what Project 2025 really entails and address common misconceptions about the Maritime Administration (MARAD) and the Jones Act. Join us as we separate fact from fiction and understand the real implications for America's maritime sector. Stay informed and get the facts straight on The Wandering Mariner!

I know, because you support the demonization of the man using false data intended to influence an election.

You probably won't watch or listen to this, but I'll post it any way. In my opinion it's worth your time. This isn't me, it's people who worked for and with Trump. If you do watch or listen, take it fwiw and dyodd.

Investigating Trump, Project 2025 and the future of the United States | Four Corners​

Jul 15, 2024 UNITED STATES

There has never been a US president like Donald Trump — and now he’s back, this time with a detailed plan for his second coming.

Nearly four years after he was cast out by voters and accused of encouraging the American people to assault their own democracy with the attack on the US Capitol, the now convicted criminal wants to rebuild the country in his own image.

Ahead of the US election in November, Four Corners reporter Mark Willacy travels to Washington for the first of a special two-part series.

He sits down with White House insiders who witnessed the chaos of Trump’s first term — some who continue to support his vision, and others Trump now considers “traitors”.

Trump wants to reshape the pillars of American democracy and give himself more power. Willacy goes inside “Project 2025”, the blueprint for a second Trump term and the army of recruits ready to carry out his orders.

Meanwhile strategy, security and defense experts warn of the impact another Trump presidency could have on America’s institutions, its democracy, and the rest of the world.


00:00 - Trump, Justice and Retribution
02:08 - Assassination attempt
03:50 - Trump’s second coming
04:42 - Battle for democracy
06:07 - Anonymous
09:31 - “He’s an idiot’’
11:48 - Traitors
14:51 -Trump and Russia
17:25 - NATO
22:18 - Dictator on day one
23:40 - What is Project 2025?
26:35 - Nonsensical Americans
35:10 - The Department of Justice
40:50 - National Security
43:54 - January 6 Capitol riots
52:25 -Threat of civil disorder

08:26: Miles Taylor, Former Chief of Staff, Department of Homeland Security
10:48: Sebastian Gorka, Former National Security Advisor to Donald Trump
12:07: John Bolton, Former National Security Advisor to Donald Trump
13:33: Leon Panetta, Former CIA director
14:51: Peter Strzok, Former Deputy Assist, Director, Former Counter-Intelligence
19:41: Chad Wolf, Former acting secretary, department of homeland security
20:41: Gordon Sondland, former US Ambassador to the European Union
23:14: Paul Dans, Project 2025 director
25:54: Anthony Scaramucci, Former Communications Director to Donald Trump
28:52: Erica Newland, Former attorney, Department of Justice
30:19: Charlie Dent, Former Republican Congressman
38:55: Zoe Lofgren, Democratic Congresswoman
43:54: Temidayo Aganga-Williams, Senior Investigative Counsel, January 6 Committee
Wow, someone wrote a book. LOL. Just a bunch of mental masturbation not really worthy of my time.

We already know how this thing works. Spend of depression. Simple. Nothing else matters.
Trump wants you to believe he has nothing to do with Project 2025. Nonsense! He IS Project 2025.

Trump wants you to believe he has nothing to do with Project 2025. Nonsense! He IS Project 2025.
Has it really got ya worried?

He couldn't do hardly any of that stuff on his own anyways.

The dems would fight him on all of it every step of the way.

For example, look at the border wall. They fought him on that to the point of only a very small part of it even getting done. This stuff will be the same.

The dems are using it as scare mongering material.
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